Death of Michael K. Williams, eternal Omar Little of The Wire – news series

The American actor Michael K. Williams, known for his role of Omar Little in “The Wire”, died this Monday, September 6th. His body was discovered lifeless in his New York apartment.

Death of michael k. Williams, eternal omar little of the wire - news series

He was the anti-hero of one of the greatest series of all time, and the favorite character of Barack Obama … Michael K. Williams, the Omar Little of The Wire, passed away this Monday, September 6, at the age of 54. His body was discovered lifeless in his New York apartment. Police say he may have died from an overdose.


Born in 1966, his youth in Brooklyn is tormented by delinquency and rivalry between gangs. His trademark on the screen will even become the scar that a neighborhood gang gave him with a razor on the evening of his 25th birthday. After having started training at the “National Black” theater in New York, he left school to work for a time in a pharmaceutical company which he in turn left to embark on a career as a dancer. It is the album “Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814” of the eponymous singer, released in 1989, which pushes him to move in this direction. Alternating between job searches in music and dance studios, intermittently homeless, after a year he finally found a place as a dancer in Kym Sims’ musical show.

Spotted by Tupac

This first experience allows him to appear as a dancer in music videos and on tours of stars like Madonna and George Michael. At that time, he also did some modeling and signed his first choreography for the Crystal Waters single, “100% Pure Love”, in 1994. It was in 1996 that he played a character for the first time on the big screen, in “MugShot”, by Matt Mahurin where he holds one of the two headliners. He was spotted that same year by actor-rapper Tupac Shakur who offered him the role of his little brother in Bullet, by Julien Temple and with Mickey Rourke.

Omar is coming

This role opens the doors to the actor, he gets some small roles in TV movies and series such as The Sopranos or Deadline. He ends up making a reputation and plays more notable characters, who will make him appreciate by the general public, in The Kill Point and especially in Bugged, one of President Barack Obama’s favorite series, notably thanks to the interpretation of Michael K. Williams. His character, Omar Little, a sort of modern-day Robin Hood (he steals from dealers), is considered cult.

Continuing since 2008 to accept (very) secondary roles in feature films, he is at the same time becoming more and more known to the public thanks to his incarnations in various American series such as The Philanthropist and especially Boardwalk Empire where he plays an important character. , that of a formidable alcohol trafficker. At the same time, 2014 seems to take it further in the cinematographic field since it appears in 12 Years a Slave, by Steve McQueen, RoboCop, the remake of José Padilha, American Nightmare 2: Anarchy and Kill the Messenger carried by Jeremy Renner.

The Night Of

Michael K. Williams multiplies his appearances in the cinema, but it is once again on television that he stands out by playing the terrifying Freddy, violent but subtle boss of The Night Of. His character, Omar’s distant cousin Little, fascinates as much as he terrorizes. His performance earned him an Emmy nomination.

An excerpt from The Wire with Michael K. Williams aka Omar Little:

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