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Discover the images of the last film made by Marilyn Monroe, remained unfinished, the comedy “Something’s Got to Give”.

Check out the latest movie from Marilyn Monroeshot after The Misfitsand why it never came out.

Something’s Got to Give is the story of Ellen Arden, who returns home five years after disappearing during one of her travels. Having been declared legally dead, her husband Nick remarried, but Ellen is determined to get him back. The film was to be a remake of the comedy my favorite wife (1940) with Irene Dunne and Cary Grantitself adapted from an 1864 poem by Alfred Tennyson.

After more than a year of absence from the sets, Marilyn must give the reply to James Garner, but he is finally taken by The great Escape. Besides, it does not suit her and she has it replaced by Dean Martinwhom she knows well, and both run under the direction of George Cukorwho previously directed the actress on The Billionaire in 1960. Arnold Schulman is in charge of the scenario, which is not finished when the shots are launched.

From the first day of filming on April 23, 1962, Marilyn is absent. Recently operated on for the gallbladder and having lost 11 kilos, the actress is not in good physical shape and even less mentally. Very unsure of herself on a set, the star also has health problems, including bronchitis and chronic sinusitis.

Death of Marilyn Monroe the images of her last unfinished
Twentieth Century Fox

Marilyn Monroe on the set of Something’s Got to Give

Marilyn is very little present during the first month of shooting, Cukor rather puts in a box scenes with Dean Martin and/or Cyd Charisse, who plays Nick’s character’s new wife. The shooting is 10 days late, which a priori announces a budget overrun.

Among the scenes shot by Marilyn, one has remained famous: the one in the swimming pool, in which she only appears with flesh-colored bikini bottoms and therefore topless, which, if the film had been finished, would have been a first for a star in the history of cinema. It is finally to Jayne Mansfield what will this historical distinction mean in Promises! Promises! (1963).

Not to help a weakened Marilyn, the script not being finished, the dialogues and the scenes are changed overnight and the actress struggles to remember her lines. His jagged presence on the set ends up getting the better of the producer Henry Weinstein and Cukor, who fired her from the film on June 8, 1962.

Above all, Something’s Got to Give was to be released at Christmas to compensate for the film’s pharaonic budget. Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor, very very behind schedule, and particularly impacted by the demands of its main star. In the end, neither of the two projects advancing, the smaller in terms of budget is instantly interrupted. Except that Dean Martin, who has the right by contract to choose his female partner, refuses to finish the film without Marilyn.

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Twentieth Century Fox

Dean Martin and Marilyn

The studio is at an impasse, and chooses to renegotiate with the actress. She returns to finish Something’s Got to Give for $500,000 (2022 $4.9 million) from $100,000 previously, with a bonus if filming is completed on time, and pledges to film another feature film afterwards, Madame Croque-marisfor another $500,000.

Marilyn demands the departure of Cukor in favor of John Negulescowith whom she worked on How to marry a millionaire. The end of filming is postponed to October.

But on August 4, 1962, Marilyn was found dead at her home. She was 36 years old.

1659697215 88 Death of Marilyn Monroe the images of her last unfinished
Twentieth Century Fox

Wally Cox and Marilyn Monroe

Twentieth Century Fox decides to take Something’s Got to Give from the beginning with a new cast. The film was released in 1963 under the title Move over, darlingwith Doris Day, James Garner (again available) and Polly Bergen at the casting. As for the Madame Croque-maris project, it is ultimately supported by Shirley MacLaine against Paul Newman, Gene Kelly, Robert Mitchum, Dick Van Dyke and… Dean Martin.

In 1990, images of Something’s Got to Give were broadcast by Fox in the documentary Marilyn: Something’s Got to Give, then in Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days, broadcast in 2001.

Marilyn will soon be at the heart of the biopic “Blonde”, on Netflix on September 28:

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