Death of Jean-Pierre Bacri: rain of tributes from French cinema talents – archyworldys

Death of Jean-Pierre Bacri: rain of tributes from French cinema talents – archyworldys

From Jean-Paul Rouve to Jean Dujardin via the duo of filmmakers Toledano – Nakache, Marina Foïs, Christian Clavier … Many talents in French cinema pay homage to Jean-Pierre Bacri.


“I did this job because I didn’t want to shave every day. I don’t have a car, no house. I like freedom. And my freedom is to say yes to a script. I like it, and only if I like it. A good role in a shitty script, I can’t. I only judge with my intelligence, but I know I would hurt myself. A good actor in a bad one movie, he’s bored. “

A beautiful, moving and sincere profession of faith for this actor – magnificent author that was Jean-Pierre Bacri, holder of no less than five Césars, four of whom had come to reward his exceptional author’s pen – screenwriter, who cruelly went to be missed in French cinema.

In the wake of the announcement of his death, which occurred at the age of 69 in the face of a lost fight against cancer, many tributes salute the memory of Jean-Pierre Bacri. The President of the Republic thus greeted his laconic and sensitive humanity, [qui] will continue to populate our lives “ :

The filmmaking duo Toledano-Nakache, who played him in Le Sens de la fête, took to Instagram: “how lucky Jean-Pierre to have known you”.

Jean-Paul Rouve, who gave the reply to the actor in The sense of celebration, there is also his tribute:

Christian Clavier summons the memories of the filming of the film My Best Friends, greeting “a man of great culture and great intelligence” :

Pierre Niney claims to have lost a “idol”. Laura Smet regrets a “genius”. Marina Foïs, speechless, simply shared a shot of the actor in black and white. Jean Dujardin was also content with a sober one: “Goodbye” :

The Académie des Lumières obviously did not fail to salute the actor, who received the Prize for Best Screenplay for Un air de famille in 1997 and in 2001 for The taste of others:

Michèle Laroque now imagines “bad cinema without him” by reacting on his Twitter account to the announcement of his disappearance; Elie Semoun evokes his “accomplice”:

Géraldine Nakache remembers a “idol”, by posting a photo from the film Didier, where Bacri gave the reply to Alain Chabat:

The director Fabien Onteniente greets for his part on his Twitter account “an example of freedom of thought, a precise, modest and so fair actor” :

“The taste of life … The meaning of life … Extreme dignity, at the end of the road” for his part tweeted Pierre Lescure, the current president of the Cannes Film Festival, where the actor was rewarded in 2004 by the Prize for the scenario for Comme une image:

The newspaper The Parisian meanwhile heard from Pierre Arditi, who had toured with Bacri on Smoking / No Smoking and We know the song: “I am obviously thinking of Agnes [Jaoui], which must be devastated. He was someone absolutely atypical in the profession. It’s not just a grump, a grumbler. He’s someone who looks at the world, under the skirts of the world, and who moans when it doesn’t suit him. But with a tenderness that turns from below. He is someone totally uncompromising, with a human struggle to which he has always held. A kind of model of course, talented beyond what one can imagine. He never contradicted what he believed in, the exact opposite of a people. He had a rage in him, not hate. Lots of people found themselves in this unrepentant grumbler, who wasn’t just a grumbler, but a dreamer, an idealist. “

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