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Jean-Pierre Bacri, famous actor and screenwriter winner of 5 César, notably known for his collaboration with Agnès Jaoui in “Le Goût des autres”, “Cuisines et dependences” or “Un Air de famille”, died of cancer in the age of 69.

He was one of the most popular actors in French cinema, he was also a wonderful screenwriter and a man of commitment … Jean-Pierre Bacri died this Monday, January 18, from cancer. He was 69 years old.

Cannes childhood

As a child, Jean-Pierre Bacri discovered the Seventh Art thanks to his father, a weekend cinema clerk. He left Algeria and emigrated with his parents to Cannes in 1962. There, he continued his studies at the Lycée Carnot with the aim of becoming a teacher of Latin and French. In 1976, he moved to Paris and gave up the idea of ​​teaching to work in advertising. He also trained as an actor during the Simon course, but preferred to focus on writing first. He wrote his first play, Quite simply, in 1977, then The stamp (1978) and received the Vocation Foundation Prize in 1979 for The Sweet Face of Love.

Arcady, Besson, Poiré …

In 1979, Jean-Pierre Bacri got his first role in the cinema, that of an anesthetist in Le Toubib, but it was his performance as a pimp in Le Grand Pardon (1981) that made him familiar to the general public. He then multiplied supporting roles, appearing alongside Lino Ventura in La Septième Target (1983) or Christophe Lambert in Subway (1985). This film by Luc Besson allows him to obtain in 1986 a nomination for the César for best actor in a supporting role. From then on, he found himself headlining the thriller Death on a Rainy Sunday (1986), from the drama L’Eté en slope soft (1987) and from the comedies Les Saisons du plaisir (1988), My best friends (1989) and La Baule-les-Pins (1990).

Agnès Jaoui, the soul mate

During the 90s, Jean-Pierre Bacri acquired a certain popularity and really established himself on the front of the cinematographic scene thanks to the characters he composed: often grumpy, grumpy, but sympathetic. In 1993, he again embarked on script writing with his partner Agnès Jaoui and created Cuisine et Dépendance. The play and its film adaptation are a success. Their fruitful collaboration continues with Smoking / No Smoking, Un air de famille, We know the song, Le Goût des autres, films for which the Jaoui-Bacri couple won respectively the César 1994, 1997, 1998 and 2001 for best screenplay, and Comme une image, Screenplay Prize at Cannes in 2004. Except Smoking/No Smoking, these feature films were also performed by Agnes Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri.

Author cinema, popular cinema

Illustrating himself in the romantic comedies A cleaning lady (2002) and Les Sentiments (2003), the latter likes to surround himself with the faithful: Alain Chabat to whom he gives the reply in La Cité de la Fear (1994), Didier ( 1997) and for whom he lends his voice in Astérix et Obélix: mission Cléopâtre (2002); Nicole Garcia who directs it in Place Vendôme (1998) and According to Charlie (2006); and Sam Karmann in Kennedy and Me (1999). 2008 marks a new collaboration with Agnes Jaoui with whom he co-wrote Parlez-moi de la forêt, a film in which he stars alongside Jamel Debbouze. Bacri shows that he is also attentive to young talents in French cinema by participating in 2009 in Nassim Amaouche’s first feature film, Adieu Gary, and in 2011 in Raphaël Jacoulot’s second, Before Dawn. Author’s cinema being dear to him, in 2012 he played the main role of Recherchez Hortense, directed by Pascal Bonitzer. He then finds his eternal partner for At the end of the story Agnes Jaoui. They write the screenplay for this hilarious comedy together, Jaoui takes on the role of director and the two of them respond to it.

Last laps of the track

After a two-year hiatus, he returned to the big screen for the comedy-drama The Very Private Life of Monsieur Sim by Michel Leclerc, which earned him a César nomination for Best Actor. We then see him as a wedding planner in Le Sens de la fête (Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano), as a street Father Christmas in Santa & Cie (by his accomplice Alain Chabat), then he returns to writing for Place publique, in which he plays an old beau for what will be his last collaboration with Agnes Jaoui. His final film, the comedy-drama Family Photo, was released in September 2018.

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