Death of Hal Holbrook: the actor had refused one of his most famous roles in the cinema – teller report

Died on January 23 at the age of 95, comedian Hal Holbrook has played famous roles during a rich career, including that of the Deep Throat indicator in the classic “The President’s Men”. A role that he had however declined.

Death of hal holbrook: the actor had refused one of his most famous roles in the cinema - teller report
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Great supporting role of American cinema, cited for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his composition in Into The Wild, Hal Holbrook passed away on January 23 at the venerable age of 95 years. In a very long career spanning more than sixty years and more than 130 roles to his credit, Hal Holbrook brings together a filmography that is both very eclectic and solid: Capricorn One, Midway, Carpenter’s Fog, Magnum Force, The Night of Judges, Wall Street, The Firm …

One of his most famous roles, however, was the one he played in the great classic Les Hommes du prĂ©sident by Alan J. Pakula in 1976. It was he who played the famous informant called “Deep Throat”, helping the duo journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward in their investigation into the Watergate scandal. At the time of the film’s release, the identity of Deep Throat was an absolute secret and above all well kept by the Washington post. It will take 30 years for a certain Mark Felt, a former FBI agent who died in 2008, does not reveal that he was the newspaper’s informant.

In a 2015 interview, Holbrooks revealed that his character’s anonymity at first made him think he had little interest and was in danger of being too hollow. As a result, he declined the offer of the role. Robert Redford, who had bought the rights to adapt the investigative book from the two journalists, then went to Holbrook, to convince him to accept the role. “Bob, there’s nothing in it, it’s pitch black. No one will see me!” he blurted out at Redford. “I promise you one thing: people will remember this role more than any other in the movie” replied the comedian producer. And he was right.

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