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Carl Reiner died at 98. This comedian had gone into directing in 1967 and his meeting with actor Steve Martin had launched a fruitful collaboration in their genre of predilection: comedy. He was the holder of nine Emmy Awards.

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According to TMZ, actor and comedian Carl Reiner died Monday at 98 years of age. American comedy legend, he was the holder of nine Emmys for sketches from the Dick Van Dyke Show, but also for his interpretations in Caesar’s Hour (1954). He was the father of directors Rob and Lucas Reiner.

Broadway then TV

Carl Reiner began his career as a screenwriter on American television in the 1950s, notably for the series Caesar’s Hour. It was in 1961 that he experienced his first success, when he created the series The Dick Van Dyke show, which earned him no less than five Emmy Awards. While working on The Shows of shows, he made the acquaintance of other authors like Mel Brooks, Neil Simon and Danny Simon among others.

In 1959, Carl Reiner appeared for the first time on the big screen, in the comedies Happy Anniversary by David Miller and A recalcitrant death by George Marshall, where he rubbed shoulders with Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds. Carl Reiner then wrote and interpreted two feature films by Norman Jewison: The Thrill of it all (1963) and The Art of love (1965). A Norman Jewison for which he also plays in The Russians arrive, the Russians arrive (1966). With over sixty films under his belt as an actor, Carl Reiner went on to direct in 1967 with the comedy Enter laughing.

The decisive meeting with Steve Martin

The American will then direct no less than four films led by Steve Martin: A real schnock! (1979), Les corpses pas pas de costard (1982), a fiction whose originality is to integrate extracts from classics from the film noir, The Man with Two Brains (1983) and Solo pour deux (1984). Favoring comedy, Carl Reiner, which has become increasingly rare over the years, joined in 2001 the robber troop of Ocean’s Eleven, which he found three years later for Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13 in 2007.

His last achievement, without Martin, was C’est ça amour? which he had directed in 1997, at the age of 75. Still in shape despite his age, he still participated in series (as guest) like Angie Tribeca and several dubbing projects as recently with Toy Story 4, where he gave life to a cute pink rhino. He would soon find his way to the movie sets for comedy Saddle Up!, led by Kevin Pollak.

“Corpses do not wear suits” and its visual inventiveness. Thanks Carl Reiner:

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