Deadpool 3: what do we know about the sequel to the Marvel movie with Ryan Reynolds? – Cinema news

Four years after his second film adventure, Deadpool is still supposed to return, in the guise of Ryan Reynolds. But when ? How ? With who ? We take stock.

In 2016, his arrival on the big screen had the effect of a bomb. Unpredictable and irreverent, Dead Pool came to give a great kick in the super-heroic anthill and in the guise of Ryan Reynoldswho was getting a second chance in the role after a failed first try in the prequel to Wolverine.

Highest-grossing R-rated comic book movie (unaccompanied under 17s prohibited in the United States) until the tornado JokerDeadpool experienced a after two years later, and a third installment is planned, in the absence of a release date. As M6 rebroadcasts the first part, we take stock.


The answer can be found a few lines above: we don’t know because nothing has been announced by Kevin Feige. Which may not yet have a clear idea of ​​when the talkative mercenary will be back on the big screen. In August 2021, Ryan Reynolds claimed there was a 70% chance that Deadpool 3 would shoot the following year. There is therefore a little more than six months for the shooting to take place.


There was still something new on the project, since the latter found a director in the person of Shawn Levy. Be the director of the trilogy Night at the Museumthe producer of Stranger Things and Ryan Reynolds’ new best friend. Because Deadpool 3 should, logically, be his third opus in a row with the actor, after Free Guy and Adam through time.

Deadpool 3: what do we know about the sequel to the marvel movie with ryan reynolds? - cinema news

Shawn Levy (masked) and Ryan Reynolds (also masked) on the set of “Adam through time”

There will also be some story changes. Author of the most gritty anti-hero jokes in the first two films, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick left the pen to the sisters Lizzie and Wendy Molyneuxwho notably worked on the animated series Bob’s Burgers and The Great North. They are even the ones who went to see Marvel with a pitch of which we know absolutely nothing, except that it obviously convinced their interlocutors.


Ryan Reynolds, of course, whose personality ended up getting closer and closer to that of Deadpool. Unless it’s the other way around. If it is very difficult, if not impossible, to imagine an episode without him, the rest of the cast is much more vague. Interpreter of Vanessa in the first two opuses, Morena Baccarin seems pessimistic about a possible return (and this can be understood given his fate in the second).

And Josh Brolin, star recruit of Deadpool 2, claims to be unaware of the plans for his character of Cable, which could therefore very well remain in the future. One of the few certainties we have today is that T. J. Miller will not be reprising his role as Weasel. Accused of sexual harassment and rape, the actor was then guilty of a false bomb threat, and Ryan Reynolds then announced that he would not be in the spin-off X-Force, abandoned since.

While the project was yet to be confirmed, TJ Miller said he wouldn’t be returning for a Deadpool 3. public image of its actors and directors.


Again, the answer is above: the pitch of the film is still secret. And it will probably be necessary to wait for the start of its filming to find out more. But the other big question isn’t so much what he’s going to tell as how he’s going to tell it. Produced by Fox, the first two games were rated R in the United States. Like Loganfrom the same studio.

No opus of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever been entitled to this classification, but this is where Deadpool will now evolve, Fox and the superheroes whose rights it held have been bought by Disney. So far, Kevin Feige has promised the film will be rated R, while hinting that it’s also possible to retain the mercenary’s essence in a PG-13 film (subject to adult approval for any spectator under the age of 13), which strictly limits the amount of profanity and violence.

Deadpool 3: what do we know about the sequel to the marvel movie with ryan reynolds? - cinema news
Twentieth Century Fox

Will Deadpool find his friend and fan Dopinder (Karan Soni)?

Elements that are not Shawn Levy’s business either, he who has rather accustomed us to family entertainment. Did Marvel choose him to step out of his comfort zone? Or for him to extend this fruitful collaboration with Ryan Reynolds in the same spirit? Answer, perhaps, in 2023. Or once the introduction of the X-Men into the MCU is more advanced.

If Professor Xavier played by Patrick Stewart came back thanks to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the other mutants are still absent. And maybe Deadpool is just waiting to find out who he can annoy before he announces himself.

“Adam Through Time”, the latest collaboration from Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds, currently on Netflix:

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