Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds announces a probable filming in 2022

On the occasion of the promotion of “Free Guy”, Ryan Reynolds gives optimistic news of the next installment of Deadpool, currently in writing. Shooting likely in 2022!

Deadpool 3: ryan reynolds announces a probable filming in 2022

When can we see the sequel to Deadpool 1 and 2? According to Ryan Reynolds, headliner of the franchise, the entry into filming of Deadpool 3 could begin as early as next year.

Asked about the subject, on the occasion of the promotion of his new film, Free Guy, the actor gave some clues, via Collider.

“Qhat is the percentage of chance that we are shooting soon? I do not know. Difficult to give a percentage to answer this question “, first started Ryan Reynolds. “I would say 50/50 maybe. We are actively working on the development of the film and it is taking good shape. What month are we? August? Oh next year? That’s probably it. I would say 70%. “

And to add about the process of writing the film: “It goes on a daily basis. It takes time, back and forth, and I work with the Molyneux sisters, it went perfectly. They have a lot of talent and are so brilliant. They are very much in tune with this universe and adapt, so that was a lot of fun. “

Little is known about the Deadpool sequel yet. For the moment, it is not yet known whether David Leitch – the director of the second opus – will be back behind the camera. The pitch proposed by the screenwriters sisters of Bob’s Burger and The Great North would have convinced the team. It will therefore be the first film in the saga not to be written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Check out the trailer for Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds, playing this Wednesday, August 11:

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