Deadly on Netflix: season 2 is revealed in a trailer that sends heavy - News Series

Deadly on Netflix: season 2 is revealed in a trailer that sends heavy – News Series

Emilie Semiramoth
Emilie Semiramoth

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Fed up with TV series and auteur cinema, Emilie Semiramoth also does not hide her penchant for pop culture in all its eccentricities. From the bromance between Spock and Captain Kirk in Star Trek to the disillusionment of Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, she ignores gender boundaries.

After conquering audiences in November 2019, Mortal the teen fantasy series returns with a new burst of episodes starting July 2 on Netflix. And we must admit that the trailer is rather enticing.

As soon as it arrived on the streaming giant’s platform, Mortel was a surprise success. We did not think that the fantastic teen genre would succeed in taking so well in France when we no longer count the examples in the United States or Great Britain.

With his suburban high school and ordinary teenagers, Frédéric Garcia’s series gives something else to see than the clichés conveyed ad nauseam by the ultra-stereotypical series that have proliferated on the small screen all the end of the 20th century.

Sofiane (Carl Malapa), Victor (Nemo Schiffman), Luisa (Manon Bresch) are teenagers like we see every day… with one detail: they have to face a supernatural entity, named Obé (Corentin Fila) a voodoo god.

In the trailer for this new season, they must (again) save Reda, played by Sami Outalbali, whose character is gaining momentum. And for good reason, his body is possessed by Obé. Always so facetious, the god of voodoo intends to settle in this body and takes the opportunity to increase his power.

The series seems to bet a little more on the special effects and the spectacular according to these first images. Which is not to displease us after a first season which was just a little fishing on that side. The battle against Obé promises to be epic. We look forward !

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