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Fans of Netflix’s Day Shift have spoken: They’re clamoring for a spin-off centered around the duo that stole the show from the film’s heroes, the Nazarian Brothers.

Attention, the following article reveals elements of the plot of “Day Shift”.

Released on August 12 on Netflix, the vampiric action comedy Day-Shift of JJ Perry quickly made people talk about it, having received a warm welcome worldwide. The film features Jamie Foxx as a father trying to support his daughter. Claiming to be a pool cleaner, he’s actually a vampire hunter alongside Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg.

But the heroes of the film seem to have been upstaged since two other fictional vampire slayers have won the hearts of viewers who are now asking for a spin-off of their adventures, as reported by the Fortress of Solitude site.


Day Shift on Netflix Twitterers want a Nazarian Brothers spin off

It is indeed the duo Mike and Diran Nazarian who won the favor of the public. Mike is played by Steve Howey (Sons of Anarchy, Shameless) and Diran by Scott Adkins (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Expendables 2: Special Unit), the latter being particularly expected in the 4th part of John Wickwhich is scheduled for release in March 2023.

Fans agree: the best scene in the film is when main characters Bub Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) and Seth (Dave Franco) end up teaming up with the Nazarian brothers (Bros Grimm) to take down a “hive” of vampires who infests a housing estate.

At first, the protagonists fear teaming up with the brothers, after hearing many stories about the ruthless pair (claiming to be stereo repairmen) but are ultimately shocked to find that they are not the bullies they were waiting.

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After agreeing to team up and split the bounty equally, comes the epic action sequence everyone’s talking about: martial arts experts and armed to the teeth, the brothers decimate a whole host of vampires in a chain and won the Union’s iconic “Vampire Kill of the Week.”


After seeing this scene, fans have almost forgotten about the iconic star trio mentioned earlier and are desperate to see a “Bros”-centric spin-off.

1660994010 191 Day Shift on Netflix Twitterers want a Nazarian Brothers spin off

Twitter is now flooded with posts (sometimes accompanied by excerpts from the famous action sequence) about it, as you can see below.

Who needs to fix stereos when the Nazarian Brothers can kill vampires like that. Spin-off absolutely necessary”.

I need a Nazarian Brothers spinoff please and thank you.

Day Shift – JJ Perry 2022. The Nazarian Brothers deserve their own movie”.

Netflix is ​​making a “Nazarian Brothers” spin-off! Green light for this sh*t right now!

Netflix is ​​to do a Nazarian Brothers spinoff of Day Shift. F***** of f*****! Scott, you and Steve Howey knocked the ball out of the park. The highlight of the film is the Nazarian Bros.

I want to see the future adventures of the Nazarian Brothers! Kill the vampires and repair the sound-systems”.

I really need a Nazarian Brothers spinoff because Scott Adkins killed (literally) in Day Shift…Netflix, please make it happen.

The Nazarian Brothers need a spinoff…that’s the tweet.

Spin-off, spin-off, spin-off… It would therefore seem that fans have literally fallen in love with the duo and that a film dedicated to their adventures is now highly anticipated. It only remains to hope that Netflix hears them and takes advantage of the success of the film to give them what they want!

In the meantime, Day Shift is to be seen or reviewed exclusively on Netflix.

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