Day 1 France: Shang-Chi gives a boost at the box office

After a very shy 1st day in France last week, dominated by Reminiscence with Hugh Jackman (19,882 admissions), the box office is picking up steam under the impetus of Marvel. Shang-Chi attracts 98,630 MCU fans, curious to discover the adventures of this Asian superhero. This figure remains to be put into perspective, however, the feature film achieving a score two times lower than the recent Black Widow (184,770 admissions).

It was the second worst start for a Marvel movie, just ahead of Captain America First Avenger (82,657 viewers). The work with Simu Liu suffers, however, from an outing the day before a new school year in a tense health context. Moreover, Shang-Chi is an unsung hero and not yet installed in the minds of the general public.

Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Released on

September 1, 2021


2h 12min

Destiny Daniel Cretton

Simu liu,
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai,
Fala Chen,
Meng’er Zhang


With 36,198 tickets sold, A triumph is placed in second position. Kad Merad is doing better than his previous comedy, Just A Gigolo, which started with a score of 20,576 admissions in April 2019. As for director Emmanuel Courcol, he almost quadruples the performance of his first film, Cease-fire, which had attracted 10,883 curious on the day of its release in April 2017.

A Triumph with Kad Merad: “I lived to the rhythm of the prison during the shooting”

Malignant, the new horror film from James Wan, completes the podium with 12,367 fans of chills. A disappointment when we compare with his previous horrific feature film, Conjuring 2, which had a hit with 227,014 tickets torn when it was released in June 2016.


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