D’Artagnan and the three Musketeers: from what age to see this adaptation of the animated series of the 80s?

Among the many adaptations of the work of Alexandre Dumas, an animated series had conquered the young people of the 80s. The adaptation to the cinema of the latter is released today. From what age will your children be able to appreciate it?


• Once upon a time : The young D’Artagnan left his native Gascony to go to Paris to become a King’s Musketeer. Not refusing any duel, he arrives in the capital after many adventures. In order to avoid a scandal, he must soon head to England to find the Queen’s necklace. Accompanied by the three musketeers, D’Artagnan will have to face in particular those who want the fall of the King …

Adaptation in feature film of the animated series of the 1980s, taken from the novel by Alexandre Dumas père.

• What they will love: The timeless story of D’Artagnan. Formidably popular for nearly 200 years, the journey of this hero with unfailing righteousness whose dream is to become a musketeer has everything to appeal to young children. Especially since some twists have been added specifically to entertain the little ones like a trip on a pirate ship.

A real sense of adventure therefore emerges from the film, which should amaze young viewers. In addition, some characters should make them laugh. Like Porthos who thinks only of eating or D’Artagnan’s squire, often used as a comic spring, but not only! It is this character that will perhaps make them think the most in the end.

D'artagnan and the three musketeers: from what age to see this adaptation of the animated series of the 80s?

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Pip, D’Artagnan’s squire

• What may worry them: The endangerment of the heroes who spend their time fighting and therefore risking their lives. The evil Cardinal de Richelieu and Milady will be able to impress the youngest, especially the latter who uses an amulet to bewitch her enemies. Finally, the geopolitical side of the plot, with the war against England to be avoided at all costs, may lose your toddlers a bit.

• What they will keep inside: The importance of self-confidence, friendship and solidarity in the face of adversity. D’Artagnan obtains the confidence of Porthos, Athos and Aramis by helping them to win a fight, which gives birth to a strong and beautiful friendship between the four. Young spectators will then remember the importance of mutual aid.

Thanks to the character of Pip, they will also learn what loyalty means but also that betraying the people who give us their trust is never a good idea …

In 2011, a version of the Three Musketeers was released for teenagers:

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