Seven marketing tricks phone brands should stop using (Android Authority).

Xiaomi wants to replace phones with these Mission Impossible-style smart glasses featuring a small projector, two 5 MP cameras, and speakers, but they’re just a concept, with no real detail, not at all stylish, so don’t be fooled (Android Authority).

Pixel 6 series might bring back the squeeze-to-activate Active Edge feature from the Pixel 4 (and from HTC before it). Also, Google has launched a Pixel Superfan club thing, only in the US for now (Android Authority).

New Qualcomm chip reportedly in the works for cheaper gaming phones (Android Authority).

Google fined $177m for abusing Android dominance (again), in South Korea (Android Authority).

Apple has patched a major NSO zero-day flaw affecting all devices (every iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch), meaning you should update right away, again (TechCrunch).

This latest Facebook “VIPs” detail is appalling, with The Wall Street Journal set to reveal explosive details, if this wasn’t enough: “For a select few members of our community, we are not enforcing our policies and standards,” reads an internal Facebook report. “Unlike the rest of our community, these people can violate our standards without any consequences.” Incredibly, this applied to 5.8 million people which is completely wild. Facebook’s response: “We regret the issue and promise to do better going forward.” My oh my. (Ars Technica). is rolling out a dark mode to everyone (Ars Technica).

Hoax that Walmart will accept Litecoin makes cryptocurrency prices spike: The Litecoin/Walmart hoax yesterday was good enough to trick Reuters, which sent newsrooms everywhere in a scramble to report on the crypto-news which turned out to be crypto-trickery. Who profited? (NY Times, gift link).

Neurograins’ could be the next brain-computer interfaces (Wired).

Scientists have potty-trained cows in hopes of reducing poop-based greenhouse-gas emissions (CNET).

“ELI5: Why the water in blisters doesn’t just seep out of the pores in the blister skin?” (r/explainlikeimfive).

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