Daily Authority: ???? The good and bad from Apple

???? Of course there was Pixel 6 news during the Apple event, with Pixel 6 Pro leaks based on a “real” unit suggesting high-end features like UWB support, 12GB RAM, 5,000mAH battery, and more encouraging details (Android Authority).

???? Fairphone’s first 5G smartphone leaks with new design (Android Authority).

???? Personal tracking tech is headed towards a precise — and dangerous — new era (Android Authority).

???? Nintendo finally adds Bluetooth audio to the Switch in new software update. The detail here is interesting: when you add a headset, you can connect fewer controllers. That sounds like Nintendo had to work some hardware magic or deal with some compromise. Anyway, it’s here now, finally (The Verge).

???? LG’s new 325-inch Direct View 8K LED TV is an answer to Samsung’s The Wall. No price is given, but what’s fun is LG is charging $30k for setup and support (Engadget).

???? New emoji incoming: bubbles, melting face, some kind of biting lip emoji which feels very thirsty (The Verge).

???? In a first, New York passes law banning new fossil fuel vehicle sales after 2034 (Ars Technica).

???? SpaceX Inspiration4 mission, the first ever all-civilian flight to space (with a cancer-survivor and the first-ever person to go to space with a prosthesis) is ready for take-off tonight at 8:02pm ET (ABC News).

???? This is a wondrous read — Greg LeMond and the Amazing Candy-Colored Dream Bike: “The Tour de France legend and anti-doping crusader is building an ultralight ebike that he hopes will be fun as hell to ride—and jumpstart a US carbon-fiber boom.” (Wired).

???? The frustration with productivity culture (New Yorker).

???? A sad day yesterday with Norm McDonald dying of cancer, too soon. My friend who’s seen approximately all comedy, ever, rates his Moth Joke as his most beloved (YouTube).

???? “Which product would improve humanity most if its cost were lowered to $1?” (r/askreddit).

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