Dachshund Sideboard by Deniz Aktay is Twisted at Tailend

“Great one Deniz, loved the inspiration and how aesthetically pleasing it came out man.” These are not my words, but of renowned Portuguese designer Joao Teixeira who commented this on one of Deniz’s creation dubbed Dachshund sideboard.

People usually expect some sort rivalry between same niche designers but in case of Deniz Aktay and Joao Teixeira, it is the opposite. It is great to see symphony between both designers and they are often seen commenting on each other work and promoting it whole-heartedly.

Talking of Dachshund sideboard, it just didn’t have Teixeira appreciating it, but also grabbed my attention. Sideboards are usually seen as storage sections for crockery and glasses but have slowly developed as multipurpose furniture. This is why Deniz developed a curvy tail at end of the the furniture. This particular aspect makes it stand tall from rest of the sideboards.

Of course, you can store your favorite books or other items inside the sideboard, but Dachshund gives you space to house your favorite books on the tail end, to keep you away from the hassle of finding your favorite reading stuff in a pile of books placed in a traditional bookshelf.

A great addition to your home, Dachshund sideboard is just a concept for now. The smooth curve of its bottom end is something that’s heck of a task to pull off with wood. However, it will be interesting to see Aktay pitch to manufacturer, if it ever goes in production stage.

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Getting it name after a German dog breed, Dachshund form is similar to that of a canine with the tail end being the most charming aspect. It won’t be wrong if I call it a wooden sideboard with a twist. Whether you want to call it a chimney or a snail, the sideboard is elegant and really intriguing and indeed worth adding to your apartment.

Curvy sideboard for your home
Image: Deniz Aktay
Wooden sideboard for your home
Image: Deniz Aktay
Deniz Aktay wooden sideboard
Image: Deniz Aktay
Dachshund Sideboard by Deniz Aktay
Image: Deniz Aktay
Wooden sideboard by Deniz Aktay
Image: Deniz Aktay

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