Cyber Monday deal gets you Amazon Music Unlimited for free

If you love music and don’t have a Spotify account or subscription, we suggest taking a look at Amazon Music Unlimited, as you can get it for free. Well, as part of the ongoing Cyber ​​Monday, you can get Amazon Music Unlimited for free for three months, before going back to the original pricing. This may not seem like much, but considering that Amazon raised the price of its Music Unlimited plan, it’s a big win. You can also get an additional month free, so four in total, if you get one of the select Amazon Echo devices, that’s also an option.

Get 3 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited

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With an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription you get access to over 100 million songs in High Definition and millions more in Ultra HD. Amazon Music Unlimited is a great subscription for audiophiles, as it puts a lot of emphasis on high-quality audio. It has a growing list of music mastered with Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio. But it also has thousands of expertly curated stations and playlists for those trying to find some new music. In this respect Amazon Music Unlimited can be seen as similar to music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, as it also comes with access to podcasts. This Cyber ​​Monday deal gets you three months of free access, whereas Amazon regularly offers just one. After the three months are up, Amazon Music Unlimited goes back to $11 per month or $10 per month for Prime members, so you’ll have to remember to cancel if you don’t want to keep it as a paid service.

Get 4 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited with select Echo devices

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A good pair for an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription is the Amazon Echo smart speaker. If you purchase select Echo devices for Cyber ​​Monday you’ll get four months of free Amazon Music Unlimited service. The Echo lineup is made up of several hands-free smart speakers with a compact design. They can be quickly and easily integrated into your smart home setup. The Alexa smart assistant is accessible through these smart speakers, allowing you to use voice commands to play music, answer questions, make calls, and even tell you news, sports scores, and weather. There are several Amazon Echo models that offer up to four months of free Amazon Music Unlimited access with purchase, including the recent Echo Dot with Clock (5th generation). The Echo Dot (4th generation) is another option, as is the Echo Studio smart speaker.

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