Culture at a standstill: cinema lost 81% of its turnover compared to 2019

The Ministry of Culture unveils a report on the cultural economy for 2020, based on the turnover declared to the Directorate General of Public Finances. The cinema lost 81% of its turnover compared to 2019.


In a briefing note, the Ministry of Culture takes stock of some figures from the culture sector. Unsurprisingly, the indicators of the cultural economy after two confinements, cinemas closed twice for several months, are very bad … The Covid crisis has had a disastrous impact on the sector, and in particular the cinema and the live show.

In 2020, the cinema lost 81% of its turnover compared to 2019 reveals this report, available in full here. “At the end of the fourth quarter of 2020, the quarterly loss in turnover of the cultural market sectors amounted to 1.6 billion euros compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, a decrease of 7%. “

“Cinematographic projection (-81%) and live entertainment (-50%) are the two sectors most affected by the quarterly decline in activity, while video games show a 60% growth in turnover“, adds this note.

The only sector to do well in this context of crisis: video games are showing annual growth of 21% in their turnover!

Find the full report.

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