Cruella trailer: Emma Stone becomes the famous Disney villain – teller report

Expected on May 26 on our screens, the prequel of “101 Dalmatians” devoted to the wicked Cruella is revealed. With Emma Stone in the lead role.

Cruella trailer: emma stone becomes the famous disney villain - teller report
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But why is she so mean? This is what Cruella intends to explain to us, a prequel to 101 Dalmatians centered on the youth of their sworn enemy. But the trailer unveiled by Disney already gives us some indications: “I was born brilliant. Naughty. And a little demented.”

Directed by Craig Gillespie, to whom we owe the astonishing Me, Tonya with Margot Robbie, Cruella is still supposed to go through theaters and its French release is scheduled for May 26. Succeeding Glenn Close, who had held the role twice, Emma Stone finds the screenwriter Tony McNamara (The Favorite) there for a origin story whose trailer is reminiscent of Birds of Prey, with its voice-over, its camera looks or the madness of its anti-heroine.

Also interpreted by Emma Thompson, Mark Strong or Emily Beecham, Female Interpretation Award at Cannes in 2019 for Little Joe, Cruella will take us to the London of the 70s and promises to be rock‘n’roll. And the title of the song used here, “Who’s Sorry Now?” (“Who’s sorry now?”), can mean that the main character will seek revenge on those who rejected and sidelined him. Starting with the Baroness, head of the fashion house in which she was obviously involved. A little as if the heroine of the Devil dresses in Prada played by Anne Hathaway turned out badly, in short.

Origin story obliges, Cruella will of course explain to us the reasons for his obsession with Dalmatian fur as well as the why of his black and white look (undoubtedly linked), and will tell us about his meeting with his future henchmen Horace (Paul Walter Hauser , already in Me, Tonya) and Jasper (Joel Fry). And while we see his famous car registered “DEVIL”, we may wonder if the film will offer us a cover of “Cruel devil”, the song dedicated to him in The 101 Dalmatians. Answer on May 26, or in a second trailer.

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