Crispy, Delicious Jacket Potatoes Made Easy with an Air Fryer!

Crispy, Delicious Jacket Potatoes Made Easy with an Air Fryer!

Are you tired of the same old boring baked potato? Want to mix it up with a crispy and delicious jacket potato? Look no further than your trusty air fryer! That’s right, with the help of your air fryer, you can create the perfect jacket potato that is healthy and tasty at the same time.

Health Benefits

Potatoes have a bad reputation for being high in carbohydrates and unhealthy. However, potatoes are an incredibly nutritious vegetable when cooked in a healthy manner. They are high in vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B6, as well as potassium and fiber. Furthermore, the skin of the jacket potato contains a significant amount of nutrients that people often overlook. By cooking a jacket potato with an air fryer, you can cut down on the amount of oil needed, which can make this dish even healthier.

How to Make Crispy, Delicious Jacket Potatoes with an Air Fryer


– 4 medium-sized potatoes
– 1 tablespoon of olive oil
– Salt and pepper to taste
– Optional toppings: shredded cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, green onions


1. Preheat your air fryer to 400℉.

2. Wash your potatoes and dry them thoroughly.

3. Poke several holes in the potatoes with a fork.

4. Rub olive oil on all sides of the potatoes and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

5. Place the potatoes in the air fryer basket.

6. Cook for 30-40 minutes or until the skin is crispy and the inside is soft.

7. Once cooked, remove the potatoes from the air fryer and slice open.

8. Add desired toppings and enjoy!


1. Can I use other types of potatoes for this recipe?
Yes! While this recipe calls for medium-sized potatoes, you can use any type of potato you prefer.

2. Can I cook more than four potatoes at once?
Yes! Depending on the size of your air fryer, you can cook multiple potatoes at once. Just be sure to space them out evenly in the basket.

3. Do I need to use oil to make crispy jacket potatoes?
No, you don’t, but using a small amount of oil will help the potatoes become crispy and golden brown.

4. Can I make jacket potatoes ahead of time?
Yes! You can make the jacket potatoes ahead of time and reheat them in the air fryer for a few minutes when ready to serve.


In conclusion, jacket potatoes are a delicious and nutritious side dish that pairs well with a variety of meals. Cooking them with an air fryer is a healthy alternative to traditional methods and produces a crispy and flavorful result. So go ahead and give it a try! Your taste buds (and your body) will thank you.

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