Crime in Ramatuelle on France 3: what is the ultimate TV movie in the series worth with Lola Dewaere? – News Series on TV

The France 3 collection “Crime à…”, carried by Lola Dewaere and Florence Pernel, stops after a last unreleased TV movie broadcast this Saturday, January 7. Is this ultimate investigation successful? This is our opinion.

What is it about ?

In Ramatuelle, we find, murdered in his home, Sébastien Lacassagne, a young boss who ran a beach and a wine estate. Prosecutor Élisabeth Richard accompanied by Captain Caroline Martinez meet on site to solve this investigation where the list of suspects grows as they progress.

They meet the journalist Grégoire Spaletta on the spot. The latter is playing a double game with our investigators, who will quickly link the murder of Lacassagne to the disappearance two years earlier of a young Swedish woman who was none other than the journalist’s girlfriend…

Crime à Ramatuelle, directed by Nicolas Picard-Dreyfuss and written by Jean Falculete and Frédéric Faurt.

With Florence Pernel, Lola Dewaere, Matthieu Burnel, Florent Peyre…

Saturday January 7 at 9:10 p.m. on France 3

Well worth a look ?

Fans of Elisabeth Richard and Caroline Martinez, portrayed respectively by Florence Pernel and Lola Dewaere, will be delighted to learn that the two heroines of the “Crime à…” collection, broadcast since 2014 on France 3, are back. this Saturday evening with a new investigation which takes them this time to Ramatuelle, after Larzac or Biot.

Unfortunately, the happiness will be short-lived for lovers of detective fiction from La Trois since the channel has decided to stop this series of TV movies after ten episodes, which ends this evening at the end of this ultimate new opus.

In line with the previous ones, this latest investigation gives pride of place to the Florence Pernel-Lola Dewaere duo, who have been playing opposite each other since the sixth TV movie in the collection, Crime in the Luberon, and who visibly take great pleasure in filming. together and to give life to the friendly exchanges, full of complicity, between their characters.

As often with the fictions of France 3, whether it is the Meurtres à…, Tandem, or Alex Hugo, the investigation here is not particularly original or surprising, but it can be followed with a certain pleasure, in particular thanks to the humor brought by Florence Pernel in her role as a colorful prosecutor.

But also because this Crime in Ramatuelle has the good idea to bring a little spice through this suspect journalist character played by Florent Peyre, who had already appeared in Crime in Biot and is gaining in importance here.


Lola Dewaere and Florence Pernel in Crime in Ramatuelle.

Florence Pernel and Lola Dewaere, excellent, are well surrounded by Matthieu Burnel, who takes over his role of the lawyer Jérôme Leclerc, as well as by guests such as Arièle Séménoff and Charles Lelaure, well known to fans of Tomorrow belongs to us, but also Chloé Chaudoye (The Little Murders of Agatha Christie), Cécilia Cara, and Pascal Légitimus in his own role.

Thanks to the energy of its performers, the humor that sprinkles the whole, and the idyllic setting of Ramatuelle, this latest investigation by Elisabeth Richard and Carole Martinez is pleasant, without revolutionizing anything.

Still, this end is not really one since this ultimate TV movie has nothing of a “final” and does not offer the characters the farewells they deserve. Even if Elisabeth and Carole have respectively been promoted to prosecutor and captain of the gendarmerie when the plot begins.

We can therefore regret that the channel did not give the opportunity to the production to offer a real conclusion to this collection, with a survey perhaps a little more personal for the heroines. Or a wedding?

Fortunately, loyal viewers of France 3 will soon be able to console themselves with new “Meurtres à”, the other successful collection of the channel which still has a bright future ahead of it.

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