Crashing Witch Decoration ideas to Keep Up With Halloween Trend

Every year we come across new Halloween trends that are really engrossing. Last year, Boho Halloween décor was in the spotlight and this year, it’s the crashing witch decoration stealing all the limelight. As understandable from the word context, crashing witch decoration or more popularly known as witch crashing ideas is all about a witch crashing through your property, be it your home or yard.

You can buy these witch decorations from e-commerce stores like Etsy or Amazon, or DIY one of your own. Without further ado, let’s check the list of the best crashing witch decoration ideas that would elevate your Halloween setting.

Amuse your friends, neighbors and guests with the sight of a witch crashing into a tree.

Witch Crashing into a tree
Image: Wayfair
Witch Crashing through a tree_Halloween decoration ideas
Image: Pinterest/Matthew Ashman

Crashed witch inside your home walls can have your interior in shambles but leave your guest chortling.

Witch Crashing inside your home
Image: tammykva/Instructables
Witch crashed onto a wall_1
Image: Pinterest

Crashed witch on your yard is an old-school idea yet appalling to small children.

Witch crashed on ground
Image: Pinterest
Crashed witch on ground_1
Image: Pinterest
Witch Crashing Yard decor
Image: The TipToe Fairy

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An inflatable witch flying into trees and crashing on walls can scare any passerby.

Halloween Inflatable Witch Crashing onto Wall with Build-in LEDs
Image: Amazon/Joiedomi Store
Inflatable witch crashing_Halloween inflatable crashing
Image: Ubuy

Whimsical witch crashed in a spider web will send chills down the spine.

Witch Crashed inside spider web
Image: Living Locurto

Witch crashing into doors and windows will buy you compliments from your neighbors and visitors.

Witch crashing into doors and windows
Image: Design Dazzle
Witch Wreath crashed on door
Image: Design Dazzle

Witch crashing on your front door and windows can freak anyone out.

Witch crashing into doors and windows_1
Image: Amazon
Witch Wreath crashed on door available on Amazon
Image: Amazon

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