Covid-19 forced Venezuelans to head home. But crossing the border isn’t easy

Covid-19 forced Venezuelans to head home. But crossing the border isn’t easy

According to the Venezuelan authorities, at least 56,000 Venezuelans returned between March and mid-June. Venezuela authorities keep track of all border crossings to believe that the Venezuelan least 60,000 migrants who crossed into the country in the city of Cucuta Colombia since March alone. For they themselves report the arrival of more than ten thousands of them try to return to the couple of weeks.

Cucuta, Venezuela, Colombia, especially of the three bridges to go beyond the bounds of which transit. “It’s a giant hourglass,” said Victor Bautista, Secretary of Mexico’s transit Norte de Santander Department, Cucuta in which it is located.

“If the past five years have seen more than 3 million Venezuelans walk through here, all looking for a way to better opportunities,” he said. “And now flipped to Africa.”

Often about the crossing at the foot of the path of Peter Roch 2.100 miles to the end of the File Peruviam Cucuta. He lost his job working in a restaurant colt for Covid-19. To go without it could not guarantee an order for rations returned to him.

In Peru, the average working hours, 80% and fell to the floor amid the pandemic Files and the head of the Institute of International Labor Organization. And there was seen almost the whole of Latin American there is a threefold rise in the number of the country which is the help of the people requiring food; According to data from the United Nations World Food Program.
And he went as far as a hundred thousand men he went with her two daughters to the Amazon to escape Covid 19,

Earth, in so that when they have a similar signification of the Venezuelan immigrant population in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia became a man, the designs of a strict lockdown, of the Venezuelan there are a few options that are left behind with the migrants. Most of the migrants spoke with CNN for this story said they worked to support informal economy of salvation and trust in lockdown.

In Cucuta, Roch sleeps under an awning had crossed the boundary of the other three expected. Social removed before said. “Covid is a respiratory disease, right? He walked 35, 40 kilometers away day for weeks to come here and do not have Covid. When we are sick person can live through,” he says when asked why he was not wearing a mask.

There are camps where they should not make us better to die in the company of some product of having crossed over the remote. There is no public toilets there, or the waters of the huts of the camp, appears from the foregoing to those who are the greatest of the cardboard from the other side they expect at home, garbage bags, black, 1.300 Venezuelans.

Do you know exactly how many people do not live in the camp, they say, the authorities of the Colombian. Every time the leaves in groups of migrants to the new place.

I expect to be called home

A few are expecting the Premier good for Africa has said.
Ninety-six percent of the population lives below the poverty line, according to a recent survey by a leading independent three universities in Caracas. We were told by CNN, as we saw earlier, is running for a time, the water in the days of your officers, that of Venezuela is lacking in most of the hospitals have no medicine for the patient, the health of the laborers, the work of thousands of people can not to accept what is to the left in the dust of the streets on the lookout for more opportunities.

However, people need the help of the city, and in that case should go forward. The worker who was speaking to CNN the international human on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the Venezuelan media said migrants were not built into the support networks and the adoption of country most likely to return to Venezuela.

“If we have a blockade to starve the investment to starve, in their place, and my family,” said Roque, restaurant worker.

I have this advice, for the altars, the man of God appeared, however, in regard to the doubts which the risk of spreading the overridden. For instance, Roque, some indeed were persuaded to migrants who are waiting for, as has been stated to CNN Cucuta had proven to be, after the long journey, and to survive the whole in his own way. Others have said that the only ones who have to overcome the challenges is greater, rather than a man.

However in order to check the spread of the virus, most migrants seeking entry were made in Mexico-color coded bracelet by Colombian authorities when they arrive at Cucuta. Roch was red.

Not more than one hundred miles a day 19-Covid in Latin America, agency warns
Each day the group announced developer on board is wearing a different color cord and take them to run a facility coronavirus screening of Norte de Santander Department, where they are not able to separate them, and if approved coronavirus feeling sick provided. Each one is tempted to remove some days are numbered; if any of them any will offer a meat offering, and sick of a fever: and Encephalitis (PCR) is made of a test them.

Since there was no denying a PCR test or remission of the fever, he did not allow them to go through the limits of your land, just as the authorities try, as long as the Venezuelan. This is an informal agreement between the two countries; Nor is the method realizes control of border closes.

Therefore, it is necessary to migrants who have to segregate Africa again and again, before he is allowed to travel home for a minimum of 12 days. Near the border of the urban centers that is created without any command of Maduro, who is required to remain in the host countries.

Venezuela still far fewer cases registered in countries other than country. However, people have questioned Venezuela’s ability to test for an audience, said coronavirus infections is the real numbers could be much higher.

Not only 350 Venezuelans allowed to return home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the official total of 1050 per week – a number of people, that is the reflection of Mexico’s limited ability to quarantine upon arrival in the Venezuelan border authority told CNN. But CNN also witnessed migrants who are crossing the border Tuesday Colombian authorities, and that once the border is re-opened very quickly.

Maduro said the government towards the citizens, who are entering their rights respected country, and the slow pace is necessary to protect the admission of the Venezuelan population from the rest of the men.

in the future

In Colombia the authorities have had to worry about hourglass, with no further difficulties in Venezuela and flip once again to force migrants to leave.

“If we find people are not some form of survival of Africa, it could try also to places stayed in the last three years, a great refuge in swing there for some period of time in Venezuela and abroad more days,” Bautista, the Department’s at Secretary zero for CNN.

In fact, to some people, which is already beginning to ripen swing: Adrian Lopez and his family, his five now, and the man that walked in Bogotá, where Hadrian was the work in the informal economy.

Mexico City abandoned lockdown was imposed in March and April, after initially came to Cucuta route 370 p. But from the chaos of their arrival, they never managed to sign up for one color-coded to the group tested for the man. After passing camp two months term given back to Africa.

“I was starving (in the camp),” Adrian said. “My son, who is three months old, born to a Colombian. Have you kicked away, and not of us. And indeed, in Bogota, and I know the place to find a job in a manner likely “.

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