Correa’s magic was epic to overcome Cádiz | Sports

Correa’s magic was epic to overcome Cádiz |  Sports


Correa’s magic was priceless once again for Atlético. The most different player that Simeone has, the short one who always has something to invent or steal, led a comeback to remember because Cádiz went 0-2 before half an hour of play. The feat once again exalted Correa, who scored two goals and participated in another. Neither Morata, suspended, nor Memphis, injured, were there. So he played where he likes, close to the area, where his paddock ingenuity really hurts.



Oblak, Mario Hermoso, Witsel, Azpilicueta (Javi Galán, min. 81), Saúl, Marcos Llorente (De Paul, min. 60), Nahuel Molina, Rodrigo Riquelme (Samuel Lino, min. 60), Koke (Giménez, min. 60), Correa and Griezmann



Jeremias Ledesma, Lucas Pires, Jorge Meré (Maxi Gómez, min. 70), Zaldua (Iza, min. 62), Fali (Mamadou Mbaye, min. 34), Javi Hernández, Rominigue Kouame, Rubén Sobrino, Rubén Alcaraz (Iván Alejo , min. 45), Chris Ramos and Roger (Escalante, min. 45)

Goals 0-1 min. 11: Lucas Pires. 0-2 min. 27: Roger. 1-2 min. 31: Strap. 2-2 min. 46: Nahuel Molina. 3-2 min. 66: Strap.

Referee Javier Iglesias Villanueva

Yellow cards Koke (min. 12), Roger (min. 39), Rubén Sobrino (min. 91) and Rominigue Kouame (min. 93)

His type of play in small spaces, unchecking and definitions of an opportunistic mouser were capital. His was a hymn to inventiveness and intelligence based on his physical inferiority compared to centre-backs who were two or three heads taller than him. There is no player in the twelve years that Simeone has been a coach who has pulled his chest out of the fire more times. Last night, once again.

Atlético started off nice to see. Dominating, with Azpilicueta being very clear that his adventures crossing the midfield and dividing Cádiz’s structure could do harm. That’s how it went. In his second drill in the opposite field, there was a one-touch multi-connection in which Llorente, Correa with a backheel and again Griezmann participated to hit his left foot into the base of the post. The French attacker himself also understood that corridors to the goal were discovered in the center. Like a tunnel boring machine he cleaned out two rivals and stood in front of Ledesma, but the Argentine goalkeeper saved him well at the start. It was a sparkling Atlético, with vertigo and bossiness that was hit by a loss of Koke. Cádiz had poison at the top and put together a lethal sequence. The ball fell to Chris Ramos and his low cross to the far post was met by Lucas Pires to finish it off after beating Nahuel Molina’s back.

Atlético is not used to being the one giving away. And even less to offer a second concession in such a continuous manner. A long and sharp strike by Ledesma was combed by Azpilicueta, confident that Witsel or Oblak would get the ball. Neither one nor the other. Yes Roger Martí, fine to score with a soft spoon over the Slovenian goalkeeper. With two goals against shortly before the end of the first half hour, the epic called for Atlético. And the rival did not invite optimism due to the order that Sergio’s teams usually maintain and because there was a record that also increased the difficulty. Cádiz had not lost any of the last twenty-two games in which they had taken the lead.

The company was led and completed by Correa with his mastery of spaces and his mousy unchecking. In the first goal, he made two anthologies. The first move was to quickly catch a filtered pass from Koke that crashed into Ledesma’s body. The continuity of the play fell to Saúl and he opened for Azpilicueta. The hit center opened another window for Correa’s mischief, who went to the gap between the two centre-backs to connect a soft, but sharp and damaging header that Ledesma could not reach. Once the fuse was lit, Cádiz resisted the break. Sergio understood that Atlético would continue with its growth and operated in the intermission. He sat down Alcaraz to put in Escalante and Roger Martí, with a yellow, for Iván Alejo. Control, legs and counterattack seemed to be Sergio’s intention to try to stop the storm that he suspected. There was no time for the changes to take hold. Once again, Correa created a space in the area and gave him another backheel that landed Llorente in a hurry in front of Ledesma. The red-and-white midfielder was barely able to put his toe in, and where he can’t reach now with the game, he can reach it with his lungs. The rebound of his shot was broken by Nahuel Molina against Javi Hernández and the ball slipped through. The shot went in all sorts of ways.

Within the first minute of the restart, Atlético had already tied the score. He had the entire second half to make the comeback, but he did not rest. Griezmann made Ledesma fly with a corner thread. Chris Ramos, with a header, worried Oblak, to warn that Cádiz was still in the game. Correa, however, was in charge of saying that the night and the game were his by attacking a space again to push an excellent combination between Griezmann, Lino and Saúl. Correa’s magic was epic.

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