Coronavirus: Sean Penn only wants to shoot with fully vaccinated teams – News Series

Sean Penn has interrupted filming of his “Gaslit” series, refusing to return to work until the team has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: sean penn only wants to shoot with fully vaccinated teams - news series

The health passport, soon required on filming in the United States? Back from the Cannes Film Festival where his new film Flag Day was presented in competition, Sean Penn decided to stop filming his series Gaslit; the 60-year-old actor will only return to work on condition that the entire team is vaccinated against the coronavirus.

For the time being, only the most essential members of the production (including producers, but also actors and key members of the technical team) are subject to compulsory vaccination, following a protocol agreement signed with the unions. American cinematographic.

Himself doubly vaccinated, Sean Penn decided to impose vaccination on the entire team, not for his safety but for that of each member of the film crew. Joined by our colleagues from Deadline, neither the representatives of Sean Penn nor those of the Universal studios wished to comment on the information.

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