Coronavirus live news: Argentina to return to strict lockdown; China has its citizens in Thailand vaccinated | World news




Hong Kong businesses are stepping in with incentives and orders to encourage staff to get vaccinated, amid lower-than-desired rates across the population. Hong Kong has fully vaccinated about 12% of the population. About 18% have received their first shot, according to government data.

A major hotel company, Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels (HSH), is offering staff $2,000 (US$250) cash to get vaccinated, and another $2,000 bonus if 70% of the staff are fully vaccinated by the end of August. The company has about 1,500 staff working across its hotels, including the Peninsula hotel.

“This initiative is taken with the health and safety of our colleagues as a top priority. Many of our colleagues are on the front line of the hospitality industry and we want to ensure they are protected against Covid, especially as the world is starting to open up again and we will hopefully welcome visitors back to Hong Kong in the near future,” a spokeswoman told the Guardian.

“Vaccines save lives and livelihoods. We are most grateful to all the research scientists and health professionals in Hong Kong and around the world who have contributed to developing and rolling out the vaccines.”Separately, RTHK reports Cathay Pacific has sent an internal memo suggesting it will soon make vaccination a prerequisite for staff.

In the memo the airline reportedly told staff it would soon be difficult to “sustainably roster unvaccinated crew”. According to the report, about 80% of pilots have been vaccinated, but less than half the flight crews.


China has its citizens in Thailand vaccinated



Argentina to return to strict lockdown



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