Coronavirus: Derby 5G phone mast set on fire

5G tree damaged

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Shelley Atkins

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Shelley Atkins saw that the tree had been damaged while walking

Police are investigating after a 5G tree was deliberately set on fire just days after it was launched.

Firefighters quickly put out the Scarborough Drive fire in Breadsall, Derby, just before 2:00 BST.

Shelley Atkins, who saw the damaged tree as she walked, said that her path was to be closed while the engineers had erected the tree last week.

Attacks on 5G trees were fueled by a conspiracy theory that mistakenly connects 5G and coronavirus.

There has been an increase in the number of attacks on engineers and in one case the razor blades have been hidden behind the anti-5G posters on the telegraph poles.

Claims that wireless technology helps spread the virus has been condemned by scientists.

A spokesman for the Derbyshire police said: “We believe the fire has been started deliberately and we are investigating it.”

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