Coronavirus: Cyber-attacks hit hospital construction companies

Rows and rows of hospital beds are seen, with parts still wrapped in plastic, in a cavernous space

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The brand new NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham Interserve contributed to the construction

This month, two companies involved in building emergency coronavirus hospitals were hit by cyber attacks.

Interserve, which helped build the NHS Nightingale hospital in Birmingham, and Bam Construct, which delivered Yorkshire and Humber, reported the incidents to the authorities.

Earlier this month, the government warned that health groups involved in the response to the virus were being targeted by malicious actors.

Separate attacks were not connected.

But Bam Construct said that the “significant” cyberattack on it “is part of the wave of attacks against public and private organizations that support the national effort on Covid-19”.

A spokesman said the company closed its website and some other precautionary systems after being hit by a computer virus.

But his daily activities had remained essentially unchanged.

“Our precautions have had a greater effect on our normal working procedures than the virus itself,” he said.

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Emergency Nightingale’s hospitals were built quickly by converting spaces such as convention centers

Interserve, meanwhile, said that “some operational services may be affected.”

But he was collaborating with the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) to “contain and remedy the situation” and had communicated to the Information Commissioner’s Office and warned his employees, former employees, customers and suppliers to “exercise a increased vigilance during this period. “

The outsourcing company also provides facility management services and other services and holds a series of contracts with the government beyond the construction sector.

Earlier this month, the NCSC warned of attempts to attack health and research organizations during the pandemic.

And the government has warned evil actors that “were trying to undermine the global response to this unprecedented life-threatening health crisis.”

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