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Well, if we take that argument from the Prime Minister at face value – well, 17 outbreaks in six months, “You’ve never had it so good, what are you complaining about?”

Let me tell you, the people of Melbourne today who are facing the prospect of another extended lockdown, they would disagree with the Prime Minister.

They would say, “You got a report, Prime Minister, some nine months ago from Jane Halton, your hand-picked expert, who told you hotel quarantine is not fit-for-purpose.”

Hotels are for tourists, not for quarantine and medical purposes. We rolled it out at the beginning of the pandemic because we needed something quickly. But we now know so much more about this virus, we know it is airborne, we know hotels are for the fit-for-purpose for quarantine.

Jane Halton gave the Prime Minister multiple recommendations and he has failed to act on a single one of them. He could be, for example, taking up Victoria’s offer of the Mickleham facility and expanding that.

He could be working with Queensland, with their offer to expand and work with him on a national quarantine system in that state.

He could be looking at Bladin Point in the Northern Territory. Yet this is a Prime Minister who thinks that this is not his problem. He wants to shove everything onto the states, everything is someone else’s responsibility, and nothing is his fault. In a national pandemic, and an international pandemic, that is simply not good enough from our Prime Minister.

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