Cooler Master Orb X is Fully-Immersive Gaming Pod Unlike Others

Cooler Master has recently designed and launched an immersive gaming pod, the Orb X. The pod design is an amalgamation of luxury and fitting technology. It has been designed to provide a fully-immersive experience to gaming enthusiasts and professionals. The multi-purpose gaming station takes care of user comfort while cocooning them in wholesome technology.

This Orb X gaming pod is designed to fulfill a variety of needs. It is apt to be used as a working station, an entertainment pod, and obviously for gaming. The immersive experience is backed by a futuristic design that supports seamless hardware and software integration.

The main aim of Orb X is to elevate user experience by providing a sleek, semi-enclosed cockpit-style station that features a fully automated motorized shuttle dome. This feature ensures privacy while you use the pod for gaming, work, or entertainment. The design also keeps distractions at bay and users can enable uninterrupted privacy mode facilitated by an automated shuttle dome enclosure.

The pod supports either a single 34-inch screen or three 27-inch monitors for multiple views. There are built-in surround sound speakers that create a realistic experience without the use of headphones.

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The seat within the Orb X has been designed ergonomically and can be reclined for personalized comfort. The leather-made recliner comes with an adjustable headrest, offering various seating positions, and has lumbar support for the comfort of the user. This allows anyone using the pod to sit for long hours without any discomfort or distraction.

The gaming pod is so designed that it keeps away distractions and users can enjoy uninterrupted privacy mode with a fully automated shuttle dome that can be engaged simply by the press of a button.

The pod has been designed in two color variants – arctic white and universe black – and is studded with ARGB illumination providing a variety of color arrangements to match with surroundings or the user’s mood. Orb X is available for preorder and already garnering a lot of attention online. Cooler Master does not have a price to reveal but we are sure it wouldn’t be easy on the pocket.

orb x gaming pod 1
Image: Cooler Master
orb x gaming pod 2
Image: Cooler Master
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Image: Cooler Master
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