30 Cool Low Taper Fade Haircuts for Men in 2024

Low taper fade haircuts are a popular choice for men who want to look neat and stylish. The low taper fade is a subtle style that starts just above the ear and often blends into the neckline. It creates a clean and elegant silhouette, making it the perfect option for those looking to make a statement without going overboard.

The low taper fade can be paired with many different hairstyles, from voluminous mini curls to layered bowl cuts. It’s also versatile enough to work with all hair types, so you can find a look that suits your individual style. For an extra touch of sophistication, try adding a comb over or brushing your hair back for an effortless finish.

No matter what type of cut you choose, the low taper fade will help you create an eye-catching look that stands out from the crowd. So if you’re looking for something new and modern, this is definitely worth considering!

Low Taper Fade Haircuts

Low Taper Fade

A low taper fade is the perfect choice for anyone looking to modernize their look without being too daring. With the fade starting just above the ears, it a smooth transition offers a natural-looking structure to any haircut without making too much of a statement. For those concerned that the contrast might be too high, this low taper fade is just the right amount and will give your look a polished edge.

Furthermore, it works well with all types of hair styles and hair textures – so no matter what your natural look may be you can still obtain an upgraded version of your style. If you’re ready for an easy addition to give your hair some pizzazz and dimension, then this low taper fade is simply unbeatable.

1. Low Taper Afro

A low taper fade revitalizes short afros, starting above the ears and narrowing down to the neck, adaptable to any natural hair texture and allows for styling variety on top. It lightens hair bulk, easing styling and highlighting curls, drawing focus to the upper hairstyle for a bold statement.

Low Taper Afro

2. Low Taper Blowout

The blowout haircut, ideal for men seeking volume, combines a retro 50s-inspired full top with a modern low taper fade starting around the ears. It’s versatile for various hair textures and can achieve both neat and messy looks, offering an understated, contemporary style that commands attention.

Low Taper Blowout

3. Low Taper Brushed Back

The brushed back hairstyle, favored for its style and adaptability, enhances thin hair with volume and a masculine edge. Paired often with a low taper fade for a subtle yet modern touch, this combination is a timeless choice that complements any outfit, making it a worthy pick for a fashionable look.

Low Taper Brushed Back Hair

4. Low Taper Comb Over

The comb over, a timeless men’s style, adds volume and conceals receding hairlines. It’s versatile across hair types, tailored to individual texture and length. Paired with a low taper fade for a thicker, neater appearance, varying the top length increases contrast, ensuring an effortless and sophisticated look.

Low Taper Comb Over

5. Low Taper Curly Hair

The low taper fade offers a subtle, modern edge, with an even taper around the ears and back for a sleek look suitable for daily wear or formal events. It complements all hair textures, especially curly, adding structure and contrasting defined ringlets with smooth sides, while easing styling for thick or long hair.

Low Taper Curly Hair

6. Low Taper Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a statement hairstyle that remains approachable, featuring longer hair on top and shorter sides enhanced by a modern low taper fade instead of fully shaved sides. It’s adaptable to various lengths and textures, providing a unique yet not overly bold look, a toned-down alternative to the traditional mohawk.

Low Taper Faux Hawk

7. Low Taper Fade Black Man

The low taper fade is a great way to add structure and polish to your look. It works well with all hair textures and can be adapted to suit multiple hairstyles. The graduated effect of the low taper fade helps starts just above the ears and creates a slight contrast between the sides and back of the hair and the hair on top. This can also remove some of the weight and bulk from the hair, making it a great option for anyone who wants a simpler, more masculine look.

Low Fade Black Man Hairstyle

8. Low Taper Hard Part Curly Hair

Pairing a hard part with a low taper fade creates a refined, masculine style. The low taper fade hairstyles is subtle, beginning at the back and tapering near the ears and neck, complementing the hard part—a clean line achievable with a razor or trimmer for added structure. This look suits straight and curly hair, managing curls by reducing weight yet retaining volume.

Low Taper Hard Part Curly Hair

9. Low Taper Hard Part Slick Back

For a masculine, retro look, combine a hard part with a slick back. The hard part is a shaved line for a neat, defined style, while the slick back involves combing hair away from the hairline and using a wet-look product for hold. A low taper fade adds contrast and gives the top hair a thicker, fuller appearance.

Low Taper Hard Part Slick Back

10. Low Taper Ivy League

The Ivy League cut, with its low-maintenance and adaptable style, features short back and sides with a longer top. A low taper fade on the sides adds subtle structure and contrast for a sharp look. Originating from Ivy League schools, it maintains style even weeks after a haircut, ensuring a consistently impeccable appearance.

Low Taper Ivy League

11. Low Taper Messy Fringe

Low taper fades offer structured, balanced hairstyles, now more popular when paired with fringes, which accentuate various face shapes for a youthful look. Fringes can highlight the whole face shape, masking skin issues or signs of aging, and suit any hair length, ideal for refreshing your style.

Low Taper Messy Fringe

12. Low Taper Fade Haircut Asian

For the typically straight and thick texture of Asian hair, the low-maintenance classic low taper fade is ideal. It begins with a short top for ease and tapers an inch above the ears, offering structure with minimal contrast for a neat look. Varying the top length adjusts contrast, catering to both subtle and bold style preferences.

Low Taper Asian Hairstyle

13. Low Taper Pompadour

The timeless pompadour hairstyle, known for its volume and thickening effect, involves brushing hair upward from the hairline with shorter sides and back, offering personal adaptability. Adding a fade, usually by tapering the sides or back, creates structure and contrast, enhancing the top and providing a bold look with reduced styling time for a low-maintenance, masculine appearance.

Low Taper Pompadour

14. Low Taper Quiff

The quiff, a statement hairstyle suitable for various textures and lengths, pairs well with a low taper fade above the ears for a subtle yet stylish look. With proper care and styling products, the classic quiff remains timeless and fashionable.

Low Taper Quiff

15. Low Taper Short Spiky Hair

For a textured look, spiky hair is ideal, best when short and fluffy, avoiding the stiff spikes of the past. Pairing it with a low taper fade around the ears and neck adds structure while keeping it a low maintenance look, creating an easy-to-wear, modern spiky style.

Low Taper Short Spiky Hair

16. Low Taper Short Textured Hair

Textured hair combined with a low taper fade offers a casual yet structured style, enhancing natural texture and giving the illusion of fuller hair. Short textured hair allows for versatile styling, from brushed-back locks to a quiff or pompadour, radiating effortless chic and coolness.

Low Taper Short Textured Hair

17. Low Taper Slick Back

The slick back is the perfect hairstyle to combine with a fade, in particular a low taper fade. This style will give your hair structure and contrast while not being drastic. Not only can the low taper fade offer an extra dimension to your look, but it can also help to make the classic slick back feel more current.

Whatever hair type or length you have, and whatever you’re looking for, this hairstyle allows for so much versatility when it comes to styling; featuring product use and brushing backward away from the hairline – letting you customize it however you please. Nothing looks quite like a slick back, so why not experiment and transition into a modern and stylishly masculine look?

Low Taper Slick Back

18. Low Taper French Crop

The French crop is a trend that has been popular for decades due to its timeless versatility. It consists of a short back and sides, as well as slightly longer hair on the top. The length of the fringe can be adjusted too, increasing the range of different looks it can complement.

Whatever hair type or texture you may have, this style is likely to work with it. For a more unique touch why not try adding a low taper fade? This results in the hair being slightly shorter around the ears and fading up towards the temples, leading to an impressive gradient effect. Plus, it helps in creating a modern spin to the classic look – perfect for those wanting something timeless yet contemporary!

Low Taperfrench Crop

19. Low Taper Mohawk

If you are a man looking for an edgy and cool hairstyle, then mohawk is the perfect choice for you. With shaved sides and a long strip of hair along the central part of the head, this style is sure to draw some attention. While the punk movement has always favored this style, with modern adaptations it is easier to pull off and more fashionable.

Instead of shaving your sides, try opting in for low taper fade that will create structure in your look and make it less contrast-y. Additionally, pairing the mohawk with a thick beard will bring more balance to the overall look. So if you’re looking for a noteworthy hairdo then don’t hesitate to go for a mohawk!

Lower Taper Mohawk

20. Mexican Low Taper

Adding a staple taper fade and hard part to your Mexican hairstyle is an effortless way to stay on trend and keep your look neat, structured, and professional. The low taper fade will give any hair type some extra body whilst retaining the length you need on top to give your style more volume, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

The added hard part will provide you with that extra edge and give your style attitude, so you can be sure that you’ll stand out in all the right ways when you walk into the room.

Mexican Low Taper

Updated on 5th October 2023

1: Taper Fade with Voluminous Mini Curls

The “Taper Fade with Voluminous Mini Curls” combines a precise fade at the base, narrowing down to the skin, with lively mini curls on top for a dynamic, textured style suitable for many occasions and styles.

Low Taper Fade with a Square Top for Men

2: Straight Sleek Quiff with a Low Fade

The “Straight Sleek Quiff with a Low Fade” is a sophisticated hairstyle with a classic straight quiff that transitions to a subtle low fade near the ears, ideal for formal events and daily wear.

Low Fade Haircut with Side Bangs

3: Brushed Back Wavy Hair

The “Brushed Back Wavy Hair” style features medium to long hair brushed back, highlighting the hair’s natural waves for a relaxed yet polished look suitable for various occasions.

Ivy League Haircut and a Beard Fade and Low Taper Fade

4: Ivy League Haircut and a Beard Fade

The “Ivy League Haircut with a Beard Fade” pairs a neatly trimmed top, suitable for side parts or forward combing, with a gradient beard fade that enhances the jawline, offering a blend of classic style and modern flair for the contemporary gentleman.

Faded Haircut with Short Fringe and Low Taper

5: The Pompadour with a Maintained Beard

The “Pompadour with a Maintained Beard” combines a bold, voluminous pompadour with a groomed beard for a look that blends vintage charisma with gentlemanly elegance, ideal for exuding confidence and classic charm.

Trendy Textured Blonde Wavy Fringe and Low Taper Fade for Men

6: Legendary Tapered Afro for 4C Curls

The “Legendary Tapered Afro for 4C Curls” highlights the natural splendor of 4C curls with a voluminous crown that tapers down to frame the face, celebrating individuality and cultural heritage—a modern twist on a classic style that’s a statement of self-love and authenticity.

Noticable Low Taper Side Part Fade with Disconnection

7: Noticable Side Part Fade with Disconnection

The “Noticeable Side Part Fade with Disconnection” features a sharp side part, a smooth fade to the temple, and a distinct separation between the long top and faded sides, offering a sophisticated yet edgy statement for the modern trendsetter.

Fade undercut with beard and Rounded Layers

8: Perfectly Cleaned Up 360 Waves

The “Perfectly Cleaned Up 360 Waves” hairstyle features deep, uniform waves around the scalp, reflecting meticulous grooming and dedication, symbolizing patience and urban elegance—a standout style for those committed to precision.

Perked-Up Low Skin Taper Fade and Brooklyn Fade

9: Noteworthy Mohawk Undercut Fade

The “Noteworthy Mohawk Undercut Fade” combines a defiant Mohawk with a seamless fade to bare skin on the sides, creating a bold yet refined look that makes a fearless statement and draws attention.

Natural Curly Hair with a Clean Drop Low Taper Fade

10: Natural Curly Hair with a Clean Drop Fade

The “Natural Curly Hair with a Clean Drop Fade” features voluminous natural curls with a precise drop fade curving from temple to nape, blending the wild beauty of curls with skilled barbering for a look of authenticity and sophistication.


1. What is a low taper fade haircut?

A low taper fade haircut is a style where the hair gradually decreases in length from the top towards the sides and back, but the fade begins low, typically just above the ears, and blends subtly into the skin.

2. How is it different from a high taper fade?

While both styles involve a gradual decrease in hair length, the primary difference lies in the starting point of the fade. A high taper fade begins near the top of the head, while a low taper fade starts closer to the ear.

3. Is the low taper fade suitable for all hair types?

Yes, the low taper fade is versatile and can be adapted for most hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and coily textures.

4. How often should I get a touch-up for a low taper fade?

To maintain a sharp and clean look, it’s advisable to get a touch-up every 2-4 weeks, depending on hair growth rate and personal preference.

5. Can I combine a low taper fade with other hairstyles?

Absolutely! A low taper fade is often combined with styles like pompadours, crew cuts, and even longer hair on top. It adds a modern touch to many traditional hairstyles.

6. Is it hard to maintain a low taper fade?

While the low taper fade requires regular touch-ups to keep it looking fresh, daily maintenance is minimal. A bit of hair product can be used to style the top, but the faded sides typically stay neat on their own.

7. Does the low taper fade look professional?

Yes, when executed well, the low taper fade can look very professional and can be worn in formal settings, including offices and business meetings.

8. What should I tell my barber if I want a low taper fade?

Ask your barber for a “low taper fade,” specifying where you’d like the fade to begin and end. Providing a reference picture can also help in achieving the desired result.

9. How long does it take to get a low taper fade haircut?

The duration can vary based on the barber’s experience and the specifics of the haircut, but generally, it can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.

10. Is the low taper fade a timeless hairstyle?

While the popularity of specific hairstyles can ebb and flow over time, the low taper fade has remained a classic choice for its clean, neat appearance and adaptability with various looks.

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