If he is the most famous secret agent, James Bond has always had luxury tastes and well-established habits. Among his cute sins is his famous martini cocktail, which he named after his first lover, Vesper …

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The fact is well known. Agent 007, however deadly a spy he is, has a certain taste for luxury, even if he doesn’t mind crumpling the shirt regularly. Rolex or Breitling brand watches, racing cars signed Jaguar but especially Aston Martin; Bollinger brand champagne, first appeared in 1956 in the novel Diamonds are eternal by Ian Fleming …

As long as talking about a drink elsewhere, his cute sin is the famous martini cocktail. Except that, a little subtlety, if not a trap … If the favorite cocktail is called that, it’s not martini in it! In fact, 007 drinks a dry martini, which has in common with the Italian aperitif only the name. A classic dry martini consists of gin and a dash of dry vermouth. 007 willingly substitutes it for a martini vodka: replace the gin with vodka; Russian if possible.

Below, a small compilation of cocktails taken by James Bond since the beginning of his (my) cinematic adventures, with sometimes some subtle variations. And be careful! The cocktail must be served “Shaken, Not Stirred” ! Which means “in a shaker, not mixed with a spoon”.

A habit that makes some people scream. Because in reality, two “schools” are opposed on the subject. Those who approve the use of the shaker, because it effectively allows a homogeneous and very cold mixture. And the “cons”: the shaker introduced into the mixture of melted ice, so water. Its mixture is therefore heresy! In any case, the key to martini is balance: it must be perfectly mixed to be drinkable!

The agent even delivers his personal recipe in the pages of the novel Casino royale; the first opus of the saga written by Fleming, and published in 1953. Bond will name his cocktail after his first lover, Vesper.

The recipe for Vesper 007

  • 1/2 measure Kina Lillet

Kina Lillet, a bitter aperitif, is not vermouth. Became “Lillet” in 1987, its composition changed at the same time as its name. And Bond’s favorite brands, especially American gin House of Lords, no longer exist. In other words, no one today can drink the exact same martini as James Bond. Also to recompose a cocktail as close as possible, mixologists recommend brand gin Tanqueray, good Russian vodka and Noilly-Prat vermouth.

Good tasting … In moderation !!! A formula not usurped for once on this cocktail and its composition, because it is, in the opinion of mixologists, very strong!

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