Conjuring 3 Trailer: Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson Face the Devil!

The trailer for Conjuring 3: Under the influence of the Devil has just been unveiled! The highly anticipated horror film worn by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson is due out in our theaters in June.

Tremble! The trailer for Conjuring 3: In the grip of the Devil has just been unveiled! And according to these first images and the classification of the feature film, this sequel should be even more frightening than the previous opus.

The feature film has indeed obtained, like the two previous films of the saga, the classification “R” (namely: prohibited in theaters under 17 years unaccompanied by an adult), but this time, the classification is justified by “violence, terror and disturbing images”.

A summary of the 2 previous sections which had as justification “disturbing scenes of violence and horror” for the 1st and “terror and horrific violence” for The Enfield Case.

Expected for 5 years by the fans, the third investigation of the Warren couple is no longer directed by James Wan, but the latter participates in the writing of the scenario (alongside David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick) and produces the film. The director of The Curse of the White Lady, Michael Chaves, is in charge.

Still worn by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, Conjuring 3 traces the Arne Johnson affair, dubbed by the press “the trial of the devil.” This is the first case in US history in which a man suspected of murder has pleaded demonic possession as a line of defense.

Warner Bros. France

Patrick wilson

In this investigation, resulting from their secret files, Ed and Lorrain Warren begin by fighting to protect the soul of a little boy then fall into a radically unknown world. Will the couple make it out safe and sound?

Casting side the duo share the poster with Ruairi O’Connor, Shannon Kook, the young Julian Hilliard (Wandavision) and Sterling Jerins.

The eighth film in the Conjuring Cinematic Universe, launched in 2013, will be on view in our cinemas in June. It will be released on June 4 in the United States simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. The films in the saga have so far totaled $ 1.8 billion in international box office receipts.

Conjuring: The Files Warren made $ 319 million in worldwide revenue and its sequel, Conjuring 2: The Enfield Case, 320 (and this for budgets estimated at 20 and 40 million respectively). The expectations around this suite are therefore high …

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