Come To Daddy on OCS: what is this crazy horror movie with Elijah Wood?

Available on OCS this February 18, “Come To Daddy” should delight fans of unpredictable thrillers with, in the lead role, a funny and endearing Elijah Wood.

Elijah Wood has been scarce on the big screen for several years. From now on, the actor favors series – in which he often lends his voice – and more confidential films which do not always find their way to France. This is the case of Come To Daddy, one of his last projects, which did not benefit from a theatrical release. Thanks to the OCS streaming platform, the film finally has its chances of finding its audience. Presented at the Tribeca Festival in 2019, this thriller directed by Ant Timpson – of which it is the first realization – is a pearl not to be missed under any circumstances.

The story is that of Norval (Elijah Wood), a thirty-something from a wealthy background who still lives with his mother in a Beverly Hills mansion. When he receives a letter from his father, whom he has not seen since he was 5 years old, he leaves for Oregon to visit him in his sublime house located by the sea. The rather elderly man ( Stephen McHattie) receives him with emotion, but the good spirit of this reunion is short-lived. Very quickly, the father is aggressive, violent, and Norval’s nightmare has only just begun.

Come to daddy on ocs: what is this crazy horror movie with elijah wood?

Splendid Film

Elijah Wood in “Come To Daddy”.

Very strange, Come to daddy is an unpredictable descent into hell with many twists and turns. Dark, very violent, but also absurd, funny and touching, the feature film skillfully mixes genres to offer an effective trip between drama and horror. Aided by very good writing, Elijah Wood manages to instill a lot of sympathy in his character, who does not necessarily appear as an ideal hero in the first part of the film.

The genesis of Come to daddy is as unique as the project itself. To write the first lines, Ant Timpson was inspired by the death of his own father. “When he passed away, many people from his past came to see him to pay his last respects and I started to think to myself that there were a lot of stories that I didn’t know about my father. Maybe his life had a dark side “, explains the co-writer who signed the script with Toby Harvard. Secrets from the past, that is the main subject of this emotional roller coaster which frightens as much as it can amuse.

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