Colombo In May: This Is How You Can Enjoy Summers In Sri Lanka


A breathtakingly beautiful city with a rich colonial heritage, the capital of Sri Lanka is an unprecedented kaleidoscope of cultures, religions and ethnicities. Colombo in May dazzles its visitors with its majestic mansions, lush green gardens. Fine dining options, and ultra-modern shopping malls where you can shop to your heart’s content. The city itself is a wonderful contrast! While on one hand, one gets mesmerized by the rich history and local markets, on the other hand, the city also offers some fabulous fashion labels, making it an ideal place to visit for everyone.

Colombo, a cosmopolitan city, has always been known for its perfect blend of colonial and modern life architecture. This vibrant city is divided into 13 districts with a huge fort area in the centre. The fort and Pettah serve as ideal neighborhoods where you can slip into your walking shoes or local cute sandals for a stroll. Colombo in May And let the air refresh you.

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Around the month of May, the capital of Sri Lanka welcomes a refreshing monsoon. But beautiful rains along with warm sunshine make it an ideal time to visit this port city. When you visit Colombo in the month of May you feel relaxed in the lush green natural beauty.

There are also less crowds during this month, giving you a chance to find some solace, wander around on the streets and soak up the rich cultural heritage. Since the month of May is a bit off-season, one can also get some attractive deals on hotels and flights. There are many exciting offers and deals available during this period to attract visitors and travelers. Since this is a time of less foot traffic, it is better to visit tourist places that would otherwise be crowded.

Colombo is a traveller’s paradise, offering a wealth of unique experiences, rich culture to soothe you from within. From picturesque buildings and parks to charming roadside markets to souvenir collecting to zoological gardens, this city has a lot to offer! During April, Colombo experiences monsoon season. June to September are the rainiest months so May is considered a good time to visit when the monsoon season is not at its peak.

Colombo in May is simply a sight to behold, with the streets shining with a light drizzle of rain, allowing you to enjoy the company of your friends and family in complete peace. If you love monsoon season and want to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, then visiting Colombo in May can be a heart-touching experience. Plus, travelers can take advantage of off-season prices too! Here is a list of the best things to do in Colombo in May:

Things to do in Colombo in May

May is the best time to indulge in some recreational activities for all the adventure sports lovers coming here. The sea temperature in the month of May is relatively warm, averaging around 29 degrees, making it ideal for water sports and related activities.

There are plenty of sports and leisure activities to do in the area including whale watching, river boat safaris and snorkeling. Those who want to experience an adrenaline rush should try white water river rafting, which is a fun sport to play with your tour group. Deep sea fishing trips and cruises are also very popular here.

  • scuba diving
  • Vacation World Water Park
  • Dehiwala Zoo
  • Beira Lake
  • old city hall
  • Independence Memorial Hall

1. scuba diving

scuba divingscuba diving


The warm waters ensure the perfect time for a scuba diving adventure in the month of May. The beautiful blue waters of Sri Lanka are adorned with an abundance of marine creatures. SCUBA diving in Colombo is totally worth it, the blast of cool air on your face right before you jump in is beyond bliss. The best time to go scuba diving in Sri Lanka is probably the month of May.

If you’re planning to visit the northeastern coast, May to October are ideal months for scuba diving. Whereas for people of the western and south-west coast, the period from October to May is favorable and determines the rest of the season.

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2. Leisure World Water Park

Vacation World Water ParkVacation World Water Park


Do you want to go on a day trip with family and friends? The waterpark is a great place to be in Colombo in the month of May. Leisure World Water Park in Colombo has a lot of fun activities like paddle boat rides, swimming pool with some crazy slides for both adults and kids, cafes and restaurants with delicious food and local cuisine.

Among all the rides, Boomerang – a 60 feet high water ride is extremely popular. A dramatic canal ride is also part of the package. Needless to say, on normal days one has to wait a bit to board this ride. Leisure World Water Park is a very famous tourist attraction and sees huge crowd during the season.

If you want to avoid the crowds and have some fun time then May is an ideal month to visit here.

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3. Dehiwala Zoo

Dehiwala ZooDehiwala Zoo


Established in 1936, Dehiwala Zoo is one of the oldest zoological parks in Asia located in the Mount Lavinia district of Sri Lanka. Spread over an area of ​​11 acres and home to approximately 3000 animals and three hundred and ten species of flora and fauna, Dehiwala Zoo is a treat for the visitors to enjoy elephant shows and sea lion exhibits as well as a candid encounter with the wildlife. Ideal place. Which is organized every evening.

It also has a fascinating picturesque butterfly garden with 30 species of butterflies decorated with bushes, trees and small rivers and displaying different stages of their life cycle. Filled with colorful flowers and dimly lit pathways, this place is an ideal place to attract the attention of tourists with spectacular views.

For families and their children, this is definitely a magical place. Visit this place in May and you will find less crowd here. Your kids will be able to see the zoo animals up close and proper.

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4. Rejuvenate Beira Lake

Bridge Bridge


Surrounded by towering skyscrapers and spread over a vast area of ​​65 hectares, Beira Lake is a major tourist attraction located in the heart of Colombo city. The iconic historical site built by the Portuguese colonialists highlights a Buddhist temple built in the middle of the lake which is beautifully lit with colorful lights at night.

While enjoying the stunning natural beauty of the lake, tourists can indulge in many recreational activities like boating, sailing and yachting. This ideal spot also delights its visitors with a floating market where you can buy various souvenirs to make your trip memorable for a lifetime. Sightseeing in Colombo during May can be a solace for those who do not like overly crowded places.

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5. Explore the Old City Hall

Old Town HallOld Town Hall


Built in 1865 on Main Street, this architectural marvel is a British-era municipal building. This old building is a major attraction among history lovers as they can feel the historical traces of the 1800s culture of Colombo city. The neoclassical architectural style of the Old City Hall is worth seeing.

Tourists can visit the museum located on the ground floor of this historic site to see old-time trucks, old radios, old typewriters and other municipal equipment. While admiring the beauty of the artefacts housed in this building, do not forget to admire the architectural structures adorned with some of the finest wax figures.

Visiting the architectural building in May can be a wonderful experience for history lovers as they will be able to explore and cherish the long history in utmost peace and solitude.

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6. Independence Memorial Hall

Independence Memorial HallIndependence Memorial Hall


Located in the heart of the Cinnamon Gardens, this iconic monumental building is a must-see for history lovers. This historic building symbolizes the rich history of Ceylon’s independence from colonial rule through its impressive architectural excellence. The entrance of this grand building displays the statue of the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka surrounded by four stone lions.

Your visit to this historical monument is incomplete without visiting the museum which is located in the basement of the Independence Memorial Hall. It reflects Sri Lanka’s colonial history and its impressive cultural history. Enjoy your day in May by relaxing at this less-crowded gateway to the city, surrounded by the serene beauty of lush gardens.

Moreover, visitors will get respite from the heat as Colombo experiences high temperatures during May.

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The view of Colombo is worth seeing, the clear blue water here attracts every traveler. Known for its spices, handicrafts, tea and mesmerizing blue sapphires, the city refreshes every traveler who sets foot here. Be it sightseeing, adventure activities or a mesmerizing sunset at Galle Face Green, Colombo is a beautiful experience. So plan a trip to Sri Lanka and head to Colombo to enjoy authentic Sri Lankan rice and curries, do some shopping in the local markets and leave yourself completely refreshed.

FAQs about Colombo in May

What to do in Sri Lanka in May?

There are plenty of activities to do in Sri Lanka in May including surfing, trekking to Adams Peak, visiting Yala National Park and much more.

What is the temperature in Sri Lanka in May?

The weather in Colombo in May is very hot and humid. During this period the maximum temperature remains between 25 degrees Celsius and minimum 26 degrees Celsius.

Which is the most beautiful place in Sri Lanka?

Some of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka that cannot be ignored are Sigiriya Fort, Adams Peak, Royal Botanical Gardens and Galle Fort.

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