College years: how does it end?

Between 1987 and 1991, Les Années collège was part of its revolutionary teen series which dared to talk about adolescence, the real one. If you didn’t follow everything well or if your memory challenges you, we tell you the end of the series.

Warning, spoilers. The following article reveals key plot points of the “College Years” as well as its ending.

At the end of the 70s, Linda Schuyler – then a teacher – had the idea of ​​making a series centered on a group of college students, a genre rather rare on Canadian television. After The Kids of Degrassi Street, she creates Degrassi Junior High which then turns into Degrassi High when the students arrive in high school. It is these last two series that form with us The college years. The whole thing is a real success, so much so that the “franchise” will then be declined under different names (New generation, The new promo…).

One thing is certain, Les Années collège has never hesitated to address real, undiluted adolescent issues, and has thus marked a good number of people around the world who grew up with it.

It was on January 28, 1991 that the last episode “One Last Dance” aired. Three years later, however, a TV movie entitled “School’s Out” will complete the show. But what happens at the end of the series itself? That’s what we’re going to tell you.


In the halls of the school, Lucy is stressed about the election of student representatives, while Tabby and Nick share the latest rumor circulating in the school to Dwayne: a Degrassi student has AIDS. Dwayne is nervous. Nick and Tabby escalate the situation by speaking their minds on the matter and hoping that person will be fired.

College years how does it end
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Lucy is elected representative of the high school students: everyone comes to congratulate her. In the cafeteria, Caitlin shyly greets Joey and exchanges a few words with him about Lucy’s election. Each at their table, Maya and Snake play matchmaker with their friends. One tells Caitlin that she thinks she has feelings for Joey again, the other asks Joey when he’s going to invite Caitlin to the upcoming prom.

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Still in the cafeteria, Amy and Allison talk about who they think has AIDS. Dwayne is nervous again. Amy hopes they soon find out who has the disease because she doesn’t want to catch it. Allison points out that no one can keep a secret at this school. Dwayne then assumes that it was Joey who told it all because after all, he is the only one who knows about his HIV status.

In the boys’ bathroom, Dwayne decides to confront Joey. The latter defends himself and tells him that it was not he who spread the rumor.

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As class ends, Tabby and Nick continue to argue over the matter: they assume a gay boy caught it. Joann gets upset and asks them how they can be sure and ends up educating them about the nature of the virus. The duo finally makes fun of her and she leaves not without letting it go.

After Nick makes more degrading remarks about people with AIDS, Dwayne finally gets upset and confesses to them that he is HIV positive because of a girl. Nick is now horrified to stand next to him.

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That’s it: everyone is aware and looks at Dwayne oddly. A simple hello to Tabby and there she is terrified. The young man then tries to explain to him that the disease is not caught by touching himself – in vain. He leaves school.


During Mr. Webster’s science class, the students learn that Degrassi is going to close for a whole year and that they all have to go to different schools to finish high school. They are all shocked.

In his office, Mr. Raditch explains to Lucy and Bronco everything that is wrong with the school that is causing it to close. Lucy does not understand the reason why she was elected student representative if there will soon be no more high school. The Vice Principal tells him that the decision was just made that morning and he is affected as well.

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In the halls, Joey confesses to Wheels and Snake that he loves Caitlin and that he wants to invite her to prom, but he is now worried that he will no longer be in the same high school as her next year. The young girl then makes her appearance and this is the opportunity for Joey to invite her: he launches out. The young woman hesitates then ends up saying yes.

After class, Tabby asks Joann if she’s seen Dwayne, but Dwayne hasn’t been seen since that morning. Tabby then asks her about AIDS: she worries about whether she can catch it by sitting in the same chair as Dwayne. Joann explains to him how the disease is caught while getting angry: she is angry at the way people with AIDS are treated by people like Tabby and leaves.

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It’s finally the big night: everyone arrives in their 31s at the ball. The party is in full swing when Dwayne arrives. We stare at it and avoid it. Yet another remark from Allison to Amy and the young man flees into the boys’ bathroom.

Joey, Snake and Michelle arrive in turn. These last two join the dance floor while Joey waits for Caitlin at the entrance: she is always late. Increasingly nervous, he begins to think that she won’t come and worries about her appearance. He tells Joey he’s going to go fix his hair in the bathroom.

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There, he comes across Dwayne who confides in him. He tells her that he didn’t pass his exams because it’s no use since he’s going to die soon. Joey points out that everyone is going to die one day but this does not convince his interlocutor. Dwayne also tells her that he confessed everything to his parents and that of course his father got angry while his mother cried.

Meanwhile, Maya and Caitlin finally arrive at school and the latter is surprised not to find Joey at the entrance: she too begins to worry. Maya doesn’t help matters by telling him that maybe he was tired of waiting and had to go home.

Caitlin looks everywhere for Joey and begins to get upset, saying she’s humiliated at the bunny he seems to put down on her when she thought they could possibly get back together. Just as she decides to go home exclaiming “I hate him”, she finally bumps into Joey returning from the bathroom. His mood changes instantly.

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On the microphone, Bronco asks the guests to find someone special for the next slow. Couples form including Joey and Caitlin who join the dance floor.

Gathering his courage in both hands, Dwayne joins the ballroom. Joann greets him and tells him she’s glad to see him. Nick, who is dancing with Tabby, sees her and tells her that they should leave but Tabby refuses. She joins Dwayne and invites him to dance, he accepts. The duo advances on the track, surrounded by Degrassi students all busy dancing. The credits roll. End of the College Years, the series.

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