Code Geass on DNA: does the film Lelouch of the Resurrection call into question the finale of the series?

A nugget psychological thriller from the 2000s, Code Geass was offered a sequel film to celebrate the 10 years of the anime: Lelouch of the Resurrection. A controversial title and sequel for this series whose ending was considered perfect.

Warning ! The following article goes into detail on Code Geass’s finale, as well as its sequel Lelouch of the Resurrection. If you haven’t seen them yet or if you don’t want to know anything about their content, you are strongly recommended to stop reading now.

Far from being as well known as Naruto, Death Note or even Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass nevertheless remains a reference to be cited in the animes of the 2000s. Released for the first time in 2006, and unlike most of its counterparts, this series does not adapt any manga. It offers a completely original pitch, born from the collaboration between director Gorō Taniguchi and screenwriter Ichirō Ōkouchi.

Plunged into the heart of an uchronia, the story takes us to the year 2010, in a Japan enslaved by the Holy Empire of Britannia and renamed Zone 11. Defeated by the enemy forces and their forces. Knighmares (mechas), the Japanese are rapidly losing their land, their rights and their identities. But in the shadows, rebel and nationalist groups rise up in the hope of one day regaining their independence.

In the midst of this chaos, Lelouch Lamperouge, son of the emperor, swears to destroy Britannia, eager for revenge after seeing her mother die and her little sister mutilated by terrorists that her father never bothered to hunt down.

Helpless for most of his life, it was the year of his 17th birthday that he landed the opportunity to carry out his project. During a military altercation between soldiers of the empire and rebels, he meets CC, a mysterious political prisoner. The high school student frees her and is given the Geass as a gift: the power to impose one’s will on anyone who crosses her gaze.

Code geass on dna: does the film lelouch of the resurrection call into question the finale of the series?


The power of Geass

For its perfect blend of action, drama and sci-fi, Code Geass quickly found himself winner of the prize for the best series during many Japanese ceremonies, the same year of its release. But it is following the broadcast of the second and final season that the anime truly receives its consecration with ten awards!

An undeniable success, a direct consequence of its incredibly well-crafted scenario and its final as grandiose as it is surprising. Indeed, after seeing Lelouch fight as the leader of the rebels under the cult mask of his alter ego Zero, the public were shocked to see this charismatic anti-hero ascend the throne of Britannia to become a true tyrant! It is only during the last episode that we discover what the real plan of the boy was from the beginning: to become a figure of hatred common to British and Japanese in order to unite the two peoples.

Once hated by all, Lelouch orchestrates his own death and asks his best friend and elite soldier, Suzaku, to kill him in public as Zero. It thus offers the population the symbol of a hero, in addition to peace.

Code geass on dna: does the film lelouch of the resurrection call into question the finale of the series?


Suzaku (in the guise of Zero) kills Lelouch

To this day, Lelouch Lamperouge is still one of the most popular characters in Japanese animation. His sacrifice in the name of the common good and his deep altruism will have marked a whole generation of spectators who certainly did not wait for the series.

And yet, it was in 2018, 10 years after the end of the broadcast, that a sequel feature was announced! Anniversary film, it is reported that the story will resume exactly one year after Lelouch’s death. If we could expect to follow the adventures of Suzaku, now the new Zero, the revelation of the title of the project quickly had the public upset: Lelouch of the Resurrection.

Very little subtle, this title then called into question the so popular finale of the series. But is this what we imagine?

Well yes ! Indeed, from the first 5 minutes, we discover that CC has left the city accompanied by a man who is none other than Lelouch himself! To justify this unexpected return, the film probably relied on the very last scene of the anime in which we see CC addressing Lelouch, his gaze turned towards the sky. While many believed that these were just vague words, this sequel makes us understand that the young emperor was actually good with her at the end of the series, off screen.

Saved by the will of CC alone, his resurrection has the advantage of not calling into question his sacrifice and his good intentions. But with the peace shaken by economic concerns, and his little sister kidnapped, his return allows him to shine one last time as a tactical genius, before setting out again on the roads, icognito.

Code geass on dna: does the film lelouch of the resurrection call into question the finale of the series?


CC and Lelouch

Although it grossed nearly 8 million euros at the Japanese box office, this film remains predominantly seen as non-canonor even as a simple fan service project. If it remains very entertaining and pleasant to find these characters so endearing, Lelouch of the Resurrection will undoubtedly never be recognized as being a true sequel to the series.

To all those nostalgic for this atypical universe or for all those who cannot recover from the death of one of the noblest anti-heroes of animation, this film promises to delight you!

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