Code 8 (Netflix): do you know that Arrow plays against his cousin? – Cine News

Code 8 (Netflix): do you know that Arrow plays against his cousin? – Cine News

Two cousins ​​on the screen, the participation of Internet users … here are three things to know about the science fiction film Code 8, to watch on Netflix.

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In the Amell family we ask …

You may have wondered why the two Code 8 actors, who play the hero Connor and the dealer Garrett, have the same name? Simply because they are cousins! Their paths even crossed once during their career. In 2012 Stephen Amell was chosen to don the costume of the Green Archer in the CW Arrow series. A few years later, it’s his cousin’s turn to join the DC team. He landed a secondary role in the Flash series where he plays Ronnie Raymond, the first Firestorm. They’ll even appear together in episode 22 of season 1, when Oliver Queen comes to lend a hand to Barry in Central City. A first for the two cousins ​​who only dreamed of this moment.


A self-remake

When a director makes a remake of his own film, it’s called an “auto-remake”. Code 8 falls into this category. In 2016, Jeff Chan directed a dystopian 10-minute short film centered on the character of Robbie Amell, a young man with powers trying to survive in a society that refuses people like him. After a police check that goes awry, he uses his electrical force to destroy a drone. To date, the video on Youtube has garnered more than 5 million views. Chan made this short film with one goal in mind: to raise as much money as possible to make a feature film.

Funded by Internet users!

To achieve this, the director and his team appealed to the generosity of Internet users by launching a crowdfunding campaign the same year. The principle is simple: everyone gives what they want to support the project and wins an object around the film in the process. With the idea of ​​raising $ 200,000, the prize pool will finally reach 2 million with 27,000 participations in just one month, thanks to word of mouth and the short film that has gone viral. Code 8 will be shot in 2017 before being released in Canadian theaters in December 2019. A few months later, Netflix will add it to its catalog in the USA.

Chan and his team have made some notable changes to the feature film: hero Connor has no little brother and Stephen Amell no longer plays the drone pilot but a drug dealer. Sung Kang resumes his role as a police officer, but his partner is none other than the criminal of the short film.

The beautiful Code 8 story does not stop there: last December, the young American platform QUIBI announced that it was working on a spin-off series carried by Robbie and Stephen Amell. It will be produced and co-written by Jeff Chan himself.

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