Coda on Apple TV +: release date for the US remake of La Famille Bélier

Coda on Apple TV +: release date for the US remake of La Famille Bélier

Awarded at the Sudance Festival and sold at a record price, “Coda”, the American remake of “La Famille Bélier”, will be released on the Apple TV + platform on August 13th.

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Twenty-five million dollars. This is the record sum that Sian Heder’s CODA sold for at the last Sundance Film Festival. Never has a film been sold so expensive. Apple Studios won the bid for this American remake of The Aries Family, which charmed critics and audiences alike. In total, the comedy won 5 awards: the Grand Jury Prize, Audience Prize, Entire Cast Prize and Best Directing Prize.

After this surprise success, Apple intends to take advantage of the craze by releasing the film, on August 13, on its streaming platform and in theaters. The exploitation concerns only StatesUnited. For the moment, no information specifies whether CODA will benefit from a cinema release in France. It therefore remains programmed only for Apple TV +.

If the original placed its action in the agricultural sector, this new version will follow a family of fishermen. Actress Emilia Jones, who appeared in Netflix’s fantasy series Locke & Key, will play the lead role, held in France by Louane. The actress and singer had been awarded the César for Best Female Promising Actor in 2015. Still a few months of patience to follow the career of CODA across the Atlantic and its impact on Americans. As a reminder, The Aries Family Éric Lartigau had attracted more than 7 million spectators in France.

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