Cobra Kai on Netflix: “Bruce Lee would have loved the series” according to his former disciple Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on TV

Former disciple of the Little Dragon, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says that Bruce Lee would have loved the series “Cobra Kai”, available exclusively on the Netflix platform!

Cobra kai on netflix: "bruce lee would have loved the series" according to his former disciple kareem abdul-jabbar on tv
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Returning on January 1 for a third unseen season on Netflix, the Cobra Kai series continues to seduce viewers around the world. Popular with the public both for its endearing characters but also for its portrayal of karate as a way of life and not as a simple combat sport, the television sequel to the Karate Kid films definitely never ceases to amaze its viewers. And it is also for his philosophical vision of martial arts that Bruce Lee would have loved the series, according to his former disciple and friend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

For the former basketball star (to date the NBA’s all-time leading scorer with a total of 38,387 points!), Also a writer and actor (he appears in particular in the comedy Is there a pilot on the plane? and in The Game of Death, Bruce Lee’s ultimate film), there is no doubt that the Little Dragon – who tragically died on July 20, 1973 – would have been a fan of the series Cobra Kai, as explained in an essay published by the Hollywood Reporter :

Bruce Lee was my teacher and my friend, and he often said that his goal with martial arts was not only to portray them in movies, but also to reveal their spiritual strength to improve comfort in life. (…) Bruce would have loved this vision of martial arts because he believed that their practice was both a mode of defense against the enemy, but also against oneself.

Although he did not practice karate but Jeet kune do (a martial art invented by him), Bruce Lee has greatly contributed to making martial arts known to the general public, thanks to his films of course, but also by his philosophical teachings on the art of combat: his school opened in the 1960s brought together several Hollywood stars such as Steve McQueen, James Coburn or Roman Polanski.

The three seasons of Cobra Kai can be found exclusively on Netflix.

The Cobrai Kai series trailer:

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