Cobra Kai on Netflix: 6 seasons planned for the Karate Kid series? – News Series on TV

Cobra Kai on Netflix: 6 seasons planned for the Karate Kid series? – News Series on TV

Asked by an American media, Ralph Macchio – the interpreter of Daniel LaRusso in “Cobra Kai” – affirmed that the series “Karate Kid” was conceived by its writers like a story spanning six seasons.

Formerly broadcast on the Youtube Red streaming service, Cobra Kai is now popular with the Netflix platform. The series that follows the Karate Kid films has also returned at the beginning of the year for a third unprecedented, the opportunity to continue the adventures of the rivals of always Daniel LaRusso, heir of sensei Miyagi, and Johnny Lawrence, adapted from ‘a more offensive style of karate.

And the success does not seem ready to stop to believe Ralph Macchio, the interpreter of Danny! Asked by our American colleagues from LAD Bible, the 59-year-old actor revealed that the series had been conceived over six seasons, thus suggesting a bright future for the program:

Writers have always envisioned the story to span six seasons, and how far the story arcs can stretch. So the end will come when the time comes. We don’t want to make the season too long, but the fans are having fun and there are still stories to tell. As long as we are given the opportunity to do the series, Billy and I will be on the adventure!

What do the next episodes of the series have in store for us, when a fourth season has already been announced by Netflix? Could other iconic characters from the Karate Kid saga make their comeback, starting with Julie Pierce (the heroine of the spin-off Miss Karate Kid), played in her debut by Hilary Swank? A track not to be ruled out according to the co-creator of Cobra Kai, Jon Hurwitz (via Movieweb): “With the writers, we went through all the characters that appeared in Miyagi’s universe. But to know whether or not she will return to the series or not, you will have to wait!”

The three seasons of Cobra Kai can be found exclusively on Netflix!

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