Clubkultur: The New Nightlife Documentary Screening in Berlin Clubs

If we can’t dance in Berlin clubs, at least we can watch a documentary about clubbing there, right? With corona regulations running a club has become very difficult and it threatens the one thing that has put Berlin on the world map for the past two decades. While everything is open again after the endless lockdown, clubs are still the only type of place that is still not allowed to open. It’s not that it’s not understandable – but it doesn’t make things better or fair for the people behind it.

Filmmakers Leonie Gerner and Andrea Schumacher’s new documentary Clubkultur for highlights the importance of the Berlin club scene with various interviews with club owners, nightlife artists, DJs and musicians, but also politicians and the Berlin Clubcommission. We can also see lots of images of wild Berlin nights that make us super nostalgic and look like they date back decades far.

The documentary honors the achievements of the creators of the nightlife but also highlights their challenges not only in the final year of the pandemic, but also in the previous years where gentrification and some government underappreciation have caused the closure of many clubs.

Since last week, the film has been touring in various Berlin clubs, giving them a chance to reopen while parties are still prohibited. You can catch them for example tonight at Ritter Butzke, or in the following weeks until the end of July at Sisyphos, Wilde Renate, Jonny Knüppel, About Blank, Watergate, Holzmarkt Pampa, Sage Beach, Mensch Meier, Klunkerkranich and Wendenschloss. To see the exact schedule and to book tickets, go here.

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through Franc
June 14, 2021
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