Clubkultur – Berlin Clubs Finally Legally Recognized as Cultural Spaces

photo: Burg Schnabel.

Yesterday was a historic moment for Berlin. In what can only be described as the best news of the week, the Berlin Building and Planning Committee declared the clubs as cultural spaces putting them in the same category as theaters and operas, and no longer the places of entertainment such as casinos and brothels.

This is a historic achievement made possible by the work of a parliamentary forum called #Clubkultur composed of members of the ruling Berlin parties SPD, Die Linke and Grüne in collaboration with members of the CDU who fought for this for over a year. Only the AfD and FDP political parties voted against this (take note, dear voters…) which is not a surprise, but which does not have enough importance to stop this either.

A confirmation from the federal level for this decision by the local government of Berlin is expected this Friday and according to the politician of Die Linke, Caren Lay, it is quite certain.

So why is it important – or is it a purely symbolic decision to give Berlin’s club culture the recognition it deserves? It is more than that for various reasons. It starts with simple things, like reduced VAT (7% instead of 19%), but it goes up to more important things like easier access to public funding and better protection against being evicted. downtown by commercial building projects. It could be a big change to stop the death of clubs that have been going on for years now. It is also significant enough for the clubs to be recognized as an important cultural asset and not to be overlooked as shady underground centers for excess and drunkenness.

But also when it comes to the looming, hopefully easing of lockdown measures, clubs will be in a much better position to negotiate new terms than before with their new label of places to grow. This will be important in regards to the reopening of clubs and the reasons why it will be possible. We’re pretty sure the Clubcommission – Berlin’s nightlife lobby – already has an elaborate plan and we look forward to dancing the night away again and immersing ourselves in Berlin’s diverse club and music culture. .

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through Franc
May 7, 2021

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