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In the aftermath of the President of the Republic’s new address, what horizon for culture? Emmanuel Macron spoke of the period of “mid-May” to reopen “certain places”. It was not specified whether this could concern cinemas.


From mid-May, we will resume opening certain places of culture with strict rules.“. It is in these terms that Emmanuel Macron spoke last night, March 31, 2021, of the possible future reopening deadline for cultural places, without giving further details on the places concerned.

We will build between mid-May and the beginning of summer, a calendar of gradual reopening for culture, sport, leisure, events, our cafes and restaurants“, he added. As our colleagues from Boxoffice Pro, is “mid-May” the “new horizon for culture”?

Closure of cinemas: this measure could accelerate the arrival of unseen films on platforms

Remember that for cinemas, the project of a reopening in three stages has been outlined, with a progressive gauge system. Each of these stages will be separated by three to four weeks from the other with precise reception gauges by room: 35% for the first, 65% for the second and 100% for the third and last. (More details)

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