Cloclo on TF1 Séries Films: the complicated genesis of this film on Claude François – cinema news

On the occasion of the broadcast of “Cloclo” this evening at 9:15 pm on TMC, return on the long genesis of this biopic carried by Jérémie Renier.

Released in 2012, Cloclo is a biopic dedicated to Claude François, icon of French song who died suddenly at the age of 39. Directed by Florent Siri, it is a long-standing project, born under the leadership of Antoine de Caunes in 1999. The latter is already thinking of Jérémie Renier in the role of singer, at a time when the actor comes to start his career in front of the Dardenne brothers and François Ozon’s camera.

But the son of the deceased singer, Claude François Junior, who was to produce a biopic, abandons the ship to enter the Podium of Yann Moix. It was only in 2009 that the project resurfaced thanks to producer Cyril Colbeau-Justin. However, nothing is settled for Florent Siri! The entourage of Claude François, very protective of his heritage, does not see a good eye that we reveal the secrets and dark sides of the singer.

His sons are particularly reluctant to let the public find out about their father’s obsessive mania. They also wonder how his discomfort will be portrayed during a concert in Marseille in 1970. After intense negotiations, Siri ends up winning the case.

“Cloclo is a bit of a dream”, said Cyril Colbeau-Justin in an interview for L’Optimum. “I had the idea around the 30th anniversary of his death. You should know that my wife’s mother was Claudette. I was in a hotel with my wife and we watched a program about him. didn’t know her story. It sparked something in me. What a complex character! “, he declared.

As for Jérémie Renier, he was delighted that the scenario went very far, scrutinizing the hidden face of the interpreter of Alexandria Alexandra: “When I read it, I saw that it was a biopic that explored everything: light and shadows of the character. And it was this comprehensive approach that won me over.”, explained the actor in the columns of La Dépêche.

Cloclo on TF1 Series Films the complicated genesis of this


Jérémie Renier alias Cloclo

The Belgian did not hesitate to immerse himself body and soul in the colorful costumes of Cloclo. In order to best embody the idol of a whole generation, Jérémie Renier engaged in intense physical preparation for 5 months before the start of filming.

Accompanied by several coaches (a vocal coach, one for the drums and percussions, one for the singing, one for the dance and one for the psychic aspect), the actor surprised himself doing 1200 sit-ups every morning around end of his intensive “clodification” course! A performance to salute for Jérémie Renier who had never danced or sung in his life.

Note that Fabien Lecoeuvre, a biographer specializing in the biggest stars of French song, gave a little help to the screenwriter and dialogue writer Julien Rappeneau. He told him the main lines of the singer’s life, as well as some little-known anecdotes about him. In the end, Cloclo landed five César nominations! In theaters, the biopic attracted 1.7 million spectators.

Cloclo is available on Netflix.