Clémence Poésy and her lost socks, Claire Danes and the meaning of life, Tom Hiddleston…

The actors of the series The Essex Serpent, currently broadcast on Apple TV +, answered with philosophy AlloCiné’s questions on this historic show with very current themes.


Widow Cora Seaborne moves from London to Essex County to investigate a legendary snake. She strikes up an unexpected relationship there with the village vicar, but when tragedy strikes, the locals accuse her of luring the creature to their home.

Claire Danes (Cora Seaborne) Tom Hiddleston (Will Ransome), Frank Dillane (Luke Garrett) and Clémence Poésy (Stella Ransome) confided in AlloCiné on the themes of their series The Essex Serpenta new episode of which arrives every Friday on Apple TV+.

AlloCiné: Can you introduce us to The Essex Serpent?

Claire Danes: To me, this is an “update” of an old biblical story. I love that this series looks at the unpredictable journey of this woman, Cora Seaborne, who is rebellious and full of life. This is what makes this series unique, it resonates with humanity. It shows how these people fight to survive beyond the death that lurks very close to them. I also love that it’s a study of love in all its forms: platonic, romantic, and everything in between.

Frank Dillane: This is a series that studies the notion of fear. Fear comes from the unknown, from what cannot be explained. In this series, everyone in the village is afraid of this mysterious snake. It is also a look at what happens to love when it is threatened by the fear of death. I also like that it speaks to the eternal debate between science and religion. How some people are in the grip of their superstitions. These are topical themes with everything we’ve been going through, especially for two years with this long pandemic.

What an intriguing story!

Clémence Poésy : It’s a series from Sarah Perry’s book, which I hadn’t read before joining the cast. I was immediately fascinated by the mystery at the heart of this story. I really wanted to know how it was going to end. And I was surprised by the conclusion of The Essex Serpent. I like the construction of this series which follows several characters whose stories end up converging in the same direction.

Tom Hiddleston: What an intriguing, thrilling story with such complex characters! This spoke to me with intensity when reading the scenarios of this series. The topics covered are totally topical, as Frank said very well.

Clémence poésy and her lost socks, claire danes and the meaning of life, tom hiddleston...

We are all fascinated by certain mysteries of history, of life, of our planet. What is the mystery that fascinates you and that you would like to solve?

Clémence Poésy : In my life, I would like to know where my socks disappear! Every time I put my socks in the wash, they weirdly disappear. It makes no sense…

Frank Dillane: The mystery that I would like to solve is the ideal name for a rock band that I would like to form. Every time I go to Spotify, I realize that the idea of ​​a unique name I have in mind has already been used many times. It’s a real mystery that keeps me awake.

It’s a total mystery.

Claire Danes: Every second of my life, I wonder what is the meaning of life, what does this existence mean? I think we are all desperately searching for meaning in all of this. Nothing is perfect in life. We all have different approaches and solutions. And we all try, as in this series, to share them between us to find a certain harmony, a balance of life. It’s all so fragile.

Tom Hiddleston: I agree with Claire, it’s a total mystery, a miracle to be alive on this planet. It’s amazing that there is nothing else like it in the universe, another planet like ours where life is possible. In any case, we do not know anything for the moment. It’s really extraordinary. It is the greatest of mysteries, to contemplate our existence without being able to really explain it.

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