Clem: why we must not miss season 11 which begins on TF1 on TV

“Clem” returns this Monday April 19 at 9:05 pm on TF1 with a successful new season 11, which happily returns to the lighter DNA of the first seasons and has many surprises in store. Starting with a pregnancy that will turn the tribe upside down.

Less than a year after the broadcast of season 10, Clem, the successful family series of TF1 carried by Lucie Lucas, returns this Monday, April 19 at 9:05 p.m. for an eleventh season full of surprises which, between emotion and comedy, should delight early fans.

But also those who fell in love with the series at the time of the “reboot” operated in season 9 since the new generation of teenagers is more than ever at the center of the intrigues. Starting with Valentin (Thomas Chomel) who, at the approach of the bac, sees his life change when Clara (Marion Seclin), with whom he lived a story last year, returns with a news that will have the effect of a bomb in the universe of the Boissier family.

A new baby to come full circle?

As revealed by the trailer broadcast on TF1 for a few days, Valentin will have to deal with the pregnancy of Clara, who is pregnant with him. An unexpected twist that will obviously cause problems in the relationship between Val and Izia (Lily Nambininsoa), and will force, once again, the entire Boissier-Brimont tribe to come together to find solutions.

Clara, who has denied pregnancy, does she want to raise this baby that she didn’t even know existed until recently? And what about Valentine? Is he ready to assume his responsibilities as a father? And what will he do if Clara decides to adopt the child? So many questions that will serve as a common thread for a season which, until the end, promises to surprise viewers. You have been warned.

In addition to allowing the series to address an important social issue – already at the heart of Skam France a few weeks ago – through Clara’s denial of pregnancy, this season 11 of Clem somehow closes the loop by returning to the basic DNA of the series since, remember, the first season, which aired in 2010, saw the character of Lucie Lucas become a mother at the age of 16.

Clem: why we must not miss season 11 which begins on tf1 on tv

Christophe Lartige / Merlin Production / TF1

Today, the roles are almost reversed, since it is Valentin who is preparing to become a father at 17, while Clem, she will have to take on the role of young grandmother. Like the character of Victoria Abril at the start of the series. A central figure of the first seasons who is not forgotten in these new episodes, just like Julien (Mathieu Spinosi), to whom the writers make welcome winks. A bit as if this season 11 was actually the real anniversary season of Clem, who celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020.

And if the scriptwriting choice to make Valentin a teenage dad could worry some – because it is perceived as a little too obvious – the season is in fact extremely gripping and moving. The “fault”, in large part, to Thomas Chomel, already amazing in seasons 9 and 10, who shows here the full extent of his talent and is entitled to a real beautiful central intrigue. Proving that TF1 and the production did well to opt for a jump in time two years ago in order to renew and revitalize the series.

A new romantic duo that you will love

After her professional setbacks at the factory and sentimental setbacks with Fred (Guillaume Faure), from whom she is now separated, Clem, for her part, takes a new start since she now works alongside Nathalie (Cristiana Reali) as as a legal assistant. And it is precisely in court – a recurring setting in these six episodes – that she will cross paths with a new character who will turn her daily life upside down.

Incarnated by Loup-Denis Elion (Scenes of households, Meetings), Matthieu Colina is a tenor of the bar who will oppose Nathalie and Clem on a divorce case. A lawyer with a formidable reputation who will first of all greatly annoy Clem, with whom things will be electric, before our heroine ends up being seduced by the one who will quickly reveal that he actually has a big heart.

Clem: why we must not miss season 11 which begins on tf1 on tv

Christophe Lartige / Merlin Productions / TF1

Leaving the extremely dramatic register of seasons 9 and 10, in which she had proved to be excellent and which finally allowed her to prove that she was more than capable of carrying the series on her shoulders, Lucie Lucas returns this season to something lighter and more romantic to the delight of the loyal viewers who have been following Clem’s adventures for 11 years now. And his alchemy with Loup-Denis Elion is undeniable from their first joint sequence.

But will Clem and Matthieu really fall in love and have a great and beautiful love story? We leave it to you to find out. All we can say is that, dramaturgy, obstacles will stand in the way of this possible story. But after relations with Stéphane, Baptiste, and Fred who had struggled to get us excited in recent years, we want to believe that Clem has, perhaps, finally found the right one. Because this duo, which is already making sparks, is a treat to follow.

Emotion, comedy, and romance on every floor

In short, you will have understood it, freed from the police intrigues and the consequences of Clem’s car accident which punctuated the last two seasons, the TF1 series finds more than ever its identity of drama this year with these six new episodes which constantly oscillate between emotion, drama, comedy, and romance. And if the most important focus is undoubtedly on Clem and on Valentin, the other characters are not forgotten and participate for a lot in the feel good aspect of this season 11.

We obviously think of Adrian (Agustin Galiana), who finds himself in the heart of a rather tasty love triangle. To Marie-France (Carole Richert) and Michel (Jean Dell), who will try to find a little vitality in their relationship and in their lives after news that will first of all disturb Marie-France. To Salomé (Joséphine Berry), who might also have some great news to announce. Or to Izia and Victoire (Elsa Houben), who, on the teen side, each have the right to a nice plot.

We can only regret that the characters of Inès (Maëva Pasquali) and Emma (Elina Solomon) are a little too behind. But with a choral cast like Clem’s, it’s hard to serve everyone fairly. And we can hope that a possible season 12 offers them more room.

Because, more than ever, Clem proves that she still has things to say. And at a time when TF1 stops several of its historic brands – Alice Nevers, Research Section, and Profiling not to mention them – it would be regrettable to see Clem stop there. And this even if, once again, this eleventh salvo seems to have for vocation to come full circle.

Our report on the shooting of season 11 of Clem which begins this Monday on TF1:

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