Clem: the final twist of season 11 explained by the producer of the series [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Clem: the final twist of season 11 explained by the producer of the series [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the last episodes of season 11 of “Clem”, broadcast this evening on TF1, Valentin (Thomas Chomel) learns that he is not Jules’ biological father. The producer of the series, Vanessa Clément, explains the reasons for this script twist.

Christophe Lartige / Merlin Productions / TF1

Season 11 of Clem, which ends tonight on TF1, will not skimp on twists and surprises. Between the announcement of Clara’s pregnancy (Marion Seclin), the rather unexpected love triangle between Adrian (Agustin Galiana), Alma (Emmanuelle Bouaziz), and Amélie (Karina Testa), the budding romance between Clem (Lucie Lucas) and Matthieu (Loup-Denis Elion), or the revelation of the family link between the latter and Izia (Lily Nambininsoa).

But the biggest twist of this unprecedented eleventh batch was undoubtedly offered to us at the very end of episode 5, broadcast tonight at 9:05 p.m. on the front page. After finding Clara, who had fled with Jules, Valentin (Thomas Chomel) finally learns from his ex that he is not the baby’s biological father.

An announcement that obviously has the effect of a bomb for Valentine but which, fortunately for the fans who had invested in this intrigue and in the creation of the emotional bond between the teenager of 17 years and his son, is nothing. change for Valentin who will do everything, supported by his family, to obtain custody of Jules. And will achieve it.

And as Vanessa Clément, artistic producer of Clem explained to us, this final turnaround is not an artificial twist, simply aiming to create the effect of surprise, but on the contrary is totally in line with the theme of this season 11, reflected by the title of the last episode, “Family of hearts”.

Christophe Lartige / Merlin Productions / TF1

“Throughout the season, there is a lot of talk about the creation of this paternal bond between Valentine and his baby. The question of adoption, the question of abandonment. What is it to be? father, what to be a mother, what to make a family? “, confides Vanessa Clément. “And it seemed to us that it was a little obvious to have to conclude that obviously what counts is not the bonds of blood, but the bonds of the heart. others. And that is really part of the DNA of the series and of the strong values ​​that we want to carry with Clem “.

Indeed, whatever the genetics may say, Valentin is indeed Jules’ father. Whoever will raise him and see him grow. And this taking of responsibility by such a young father is undoubtedly one of the very beautiful ideas of this season 11. “A father who is not the biological father of his son and who decides to take responsibility for him at the age of 17, that seemed to us to be an even more heroic gesture”, says Clem’s artistic producer.

Before adding that the conclusion of this new episode burst obviously opens the field of possibilities for the continuation and for a possible season 12, which has not yet been ordered by the chain but which could obviously, one imagines it , follow Valentine’s first steps in his adult life, as a father and as a student.

“Everything is possible for the future of the characters. We have the feeling that we really open the field of possibilities at the end of this season 11. And that is precious. We are very happy and very proud to arrive at that after 11 seasons. To still manage to reinvent yourself without ever having the impression of repeating yourself “.

Thomas Chomel tells us about season 11 of Clem, the “not obvious” filming with a baby, and his passions in life:

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