Clem season 11: Valentine’s life turned upside down in the trailer for new episodes

“Clem” returns Monday on TF1 for a new season 11 full of surprises which promises to upset the life of Valentin, the son of the heroine played by Thomas Chomel, who will learn unexpected news. Discover the first images.

TF1 had promised a season 11 “full of surprises” for Clem. And to believe the trailer of these new episodes, which will arrive on the air as of this Monday, April 19, the chain had not lied since a revelation will come to upset the life of Valentin (Thomas Chomel). And, at the same time, his whole family.

While entering the final year and faced with important choices for the future, Valentin sees Clara (Marion Seclin), his ex, reappear, who announces to him that she is pregnant with him. A shock that allows the series worn by Lucie Lucas to return to its original DNA since, as a reminder, the first season, broadcast in 2010 on TF1, saw the heroine fall pregnant at the age of sixteen.

Will Clara keep the baby? Will Valentin follow in the footsteps of Clem and Julien (Mathieu Spinosi), who became parents at the same age as him? So many questions that will be answered in this eleventh season which, in parallel with this strong central intrigue, will turn again towards more comedy after more dramatic seasons 9 and 10.

Indeed, as the first images visible in the player above reveal, Clem, who became legal assistant to Nathalie (Cristiana Reali), will cross paths with Matthieu Colina (Loup-Denis Elion), a tenor of the bar specializing in the rights of the fathers that she will face in a divorce case and which will quickly become “essential” to her life. And the least we can say is that their meeting promises to be the most electric.

So will Clem find love and become a grandmother in this new season? Response from April 19 on TF1.

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