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While season 11 of “Clem”, marked by Clara’s pregnancy, continues on TF1, Thomas Chomel (Valentin) returns for us on this twist and on the “not obvious” shoot with a baby. And tells us more about his desires and passions.

Broadcast every Monday on TF1, season 11 of Clem makes a successful homecoming by returning to more lightness and drama, after seasons 9 and 10 darker. But the Boissier tribe still has to face a major upheaval in these six new episodes since Clara (Marion Seclin), Valentin’s ex (Thomas Chomel), is pregnant with the latter.

A nice nod to the beginnings of the series, since it is now the son of Clem (Lucie Lucas) who is about to become a dad at 17, who did not completely surprise Thomas Chomel who, met on the shooting a few weeks ago, confided to us: “I was expecting that. Valentine who on the show is 17, who meets a girl. And there was the story of his first time also in the season before. So it’s not that I am. I expected it, but I was considering it. And I was a little afraid of what it was going to turn out, but in the end it was really well managed. It’s not ridiculous, nor heavy, nor nothing. On the contrary, I really find it well done “.

And as fans of the series already suspect, Clara and Valentine’s baby will be born in the episodes of Clem broadcast tomorrow night on the front page. Thus offering us scenes during which Valentin will have to face his responsibilities and take care of his son. And for Thomas Chomel, who had never really held a baby in his arms, these sequences were initially not “obvious” to shoot, as he explains to us in the video visible in the player above. .

An interview in which the young 18-year-old actor therefore returns to the shooting of this eleventh season with a baby, but also to the way in which Clem changed his life, and to his experience of filming in English on the Mirage series. Without forgetting to tell us a little more about him, by revealing in particular some of his passions in life.

Season 11 of Clem, which continues this Monday at 9:05 p.m. on TF1, is already available in full on the Salto streaming platform.

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