Clem on TF1: season 11 filming, Loup-Denis Elion joins the series – News Séries

Clem on TF1: season 11 filming, Loup-Denis Elion joins the series – News Séries

Although season 11 of “Clem” has still not been officially ordered by TF1, filming has already started. And a new face joins the series worn by Lucie Lucas: Loup-Denis Elion, well known to fans of “Household Scenes”.

Julien Cauvin / Merlin production / TF1 / Ronan Lechat / FTV / KWAI

Good news for fans of the Clem series! While the broadcast of season 10 has only just started this Monday, September 14 on TF1, the shooting of season 11 has already started in the Paris region. The channel has not yet officially announced the order for these new episodes, but the actors, including Lucie Lucas, have already posted photos of the shoot on social networks. “It’s back to school for CLEM! Too happy to find my shock team for the shooting of season 11”, declared earlier this week the star of the series, who has played Clémentine Boissier since 2010, in the caption of a video published on his Instagram account on the occasion of the launch of the tenth season on TF1.

And if the plot of the next episodes is for the moment kept secret, we already know that a new face will complete the cast of Clem during season 11. And not the least since it is about Loup-Denis Elion (Meetings). The arrival of the former Household Scenes star in the series was revealed yesterday through photos posted on Instagram by Juliette Delacroix, seen in Origins and Lebowitz vs. Lebowitz. We see the young actress, who will obviously have a score to play in this eleventh season, surrounded by Lucie Lucas, Loup-Denis Elion, and Cristiana Reali in a courtroom setting.

These photos also confirm that Cristiana Reali, who joined the series this year in the role of Nathalie, will be back in the episodes that will be offered next year on TF1. And although we do not know anything, at the moment, on the character that Loup-Denis Elion will play, his lawyer outfit on these photos of the shoot already let us guess that he will lend his features to a colleague of Nathalie . And most likely even to his opponent, the opposing party’s lawyer, in an upcoming trial. But to know more about the continuation of the adventures of Clem, Adrian (Agustin Galiana), Valentin (Thomas Chomel), and the rest of the Boissier tribe, we will certainly have to wait for the end of the broadcast of season 10, which continues from Monday on TF1 with two new episodes rich in twists and turns.

Lucie Lucas tells us about Clem season 10 and the future of the series:

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